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borrow lenses .com

Since Jasmin's dance team took 1st at state we are going to nationals again this year! The bad thing is alot of times flash is not allowed Sad My lens is fixed at 2.8 but only zooms to 75mm and since thiese shots are too important to miss I rented a lens for the first time. I rented the canon 18-200mm 2.8 l lens so I could have the zoom along with the light.
With the lens, insurance, and shipping both ways my total was only 80.00 for thursday till monday! Its a 3 day rental but they don't include sunday so it worked out great since we leave friday till monday. I called my local camera store to rent first but they wanted a 2600.00 deposit to cover the lens. With borrow lenses there is no deposit needed just a few forms of id and a credit card or bank card on file(not charged) and your good! Just thought I would tell you all how great they were incase anyone is thinking of renting some gear. They rent everything from lighting to camera bodies so you can try something first if your thinking of buying it.
I'll update with pics after we get back from minnesota. Can't wait!!

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Wow, really nice! I bet you're going to have a lot of fun with that lens Smile Best of luck to Jasmin's dance team, and I can't wait to see what shots you get.

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Awesome! Can't wait to see the shots you get with it! Good luck to Jasmin's dance team!

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Sounds great!

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Waiting impatiently to hear and see more!