Boudior session - any input would be great! :)

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Boudior session - any input would be great! :)

A close friend of mine is in from out of town and we decided to work up some boudior shots of her. This is only the beginning of our ideas and plans - but before we continue, I wanted to get some input. I see a lot of flaws, but any advice or ideas you guys have would be great! I know this is a little different from the usual that we post here, but I really wanted to get some outsider opinion. Please feel free to hand out the HHCC!! I need it! Smile

I'm going to link to flickr so they aren't posted here...

Thanks everyone!!!

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#2 the color is slightly off.

You really did a good job with these. Really. I would mix it up some because the poses seem very similar. Basically 2 poses so far.

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I think they look great

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They look great - color, focus, exposure - all of it looks really awesome! I'll bet your friend is very proud of these shots.

My only nit pick would be on the ones where she is standing to leave a bit more room at the top. Her head is awfully close to the edge of the frame and if you need other aspect ratios for print, you might be looking at some less than perfect crops. Also, the way it is now, her eyes are not at the top 1/3 line, which I think would be slightly more pleasing.

But as I said, that is a real nit pick b/c these are truly awesome shots!


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I was going in to have a second look at them and it looks like you took them down.

I did get to see them before, though, and my only qualm was with the girl's placement and the pool table. I was distracted by the pool table's pocket being right between her legs.

Otherwise they were nicely exposed and processed.