Boudoir Shots....a little raunchy

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Boudoir Shots....a little raunchy

Here are some of the shots I got before the AF went on my lens.

Looking at them now I think the AF on my lens was going before it went if you know what I mean

Anyway, my brothers G/F and yes she is a model.





Something a little different. I took these through a sheer pink fabric.


This is my sister, she has a 5 month old and is 11 weeks pregnant in these photos.



CC always welcome.


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Cool photos! However, I had to scroll through them very quickly since I'm at work. LOL! Dirol

I know a photographer from Louisville who does boudoir. His site is if you want to check it out.

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cool! Biggrin a bit shocked at #6 to be honest but i like that pink fabric you shot through. I don't know if its just me or what but her eyes look over done in #2 and #3. A bit too white unless they are already like that then ignore my comment Blum 3 you did great!

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I think the struggle with boudoir is to make sure you keep the photos sexy, but classy...and I'm not so sure you achieved that here. They are a bit too in your face for me. I prefer boudoir that is suggestive and smoldering, but not graphic and sex itself..if that makes sense. That said, my favorite is #7, and I would like the last one if there were a touch more light on her face.

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I have to agree with Amber... they are a bit too "sexy/porn" for me... even though I know your SIL is preggo, that's just not what I "see" when I look at them.

I love the black and white background, but I'm not loving her outfit. Maybe this is the look that she was going for and if she's happy with them then that is all that matters. They just aren't "working" for me personally. Both are beautiful girls and I too like #7 the best. I really don't care for the pink either... I think for me it makes them look way too OOF.

I'm sure it was a great experience and I'm sure you learned a lot and honestly that's what matters.

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No boudoir is my thing, but I think you have nice focus and clarity in these photos. LOVE the background in the first couple.