bought my first roll of seamless!!!

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bought my first roll of seamless!!!

Just had to share my happiness!! I bought my first roll of seamless today! I have had some muslin and a backdrop stand for sometime now but this is my first time using seamless paper. I am using natural light so I have till wait till morning to play with it. I bought a sea blue color like the one in Amber's maternity photo. I hope I don't have major lighting problems. Any advice on working with it for the first time?

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No advice from me, I dont have a seamless yet. Just wanted to say congrats on the new purchase, and I can wait to see your pics Smile

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look at you jumping right in! Wink

I don't own any seamless paper, so I don't have any advice. can't wait to see your pictures though.

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No advice here either as I don't have any. But YEAH for a new and fun purchase! Can't wait to see pics with it.

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No advice here either, but COOL! I am jealous, but I have NO room, so I couldn't right now. Maybe when we get our upstairs finished! Can't wait to see!

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what size did you get?

I don't have too much advice as I've only used my seamless twice in a year. my biggest worry when using it was the color caste (I bought crimson red). natural light will help to evenly light your subject and paper, so use that if you can. try to keep your subjects at least a couple of feet from the backdrop to avoid shadows.

GOOD LUCK! can't wait to see your results!


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watch for wrinkles too when you're unrolling and rolling it up. have fun! Smile

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I have had the paper and a reflector in my car now since I got it. It has been so rainy and dark out that the only good light is during the day when the older ones are at school. I have not been feeling so well anyhow but I hope by this weekend I can play with it.
I had to stop by my dad yesterday to pick some military stuff up for my daughter's school project. While I was there I showed him my new lens. He has a good camera also and about 4 lenses. Well he pulls out this pouch with 4 filter's in it and tells me to keep them!!!! I am not sure what they even do yet but I am still very excited about it! They all have letters and numbers on them so I will look them up and see what they do.

For GIGI I got the 53'' roll. I figured I better practice on that before I waste money on the bigger roll. I am also using it with my older kiddos cause my little guy would just stomp all around on it and I think I would use it up real quick Smile

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Awesome! Can't wait to see what you take with your new toys!!

I'd be really careful with filters. The research I've done says that some can actually reduce the IQ of your photos (completely depending on what they are). I'd just check out what they are and see if anyone has reviewed them. But freebies are always great Biggrin