bouncing flash and newborn eyes ?

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bouncing flash and newborn eyes ?

hi, i'm not a regular around here, but had a photo question. is it safe to be bouncing a speedlite off the ceiling while taking pics of my baby? she is 2 months today so i thought we would take some pics. Forty shots later it occurred to me that maybe it wasn't a good idea to bounce the flash off the ceiling and have her looking up at me.

please tell me i didn't just damage her eyes!

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I'm not totally sure, but I would think it would be ok at this point Smile

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I often wonder about flash photography on babies as well....I mean, when you (the general "you") have a baby you naturally take zillions of photos of him/ it must do something.

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Ceiling is an ideal place to bounce the flash. I don't think it would cause her eyes any harm unless you are pointing the flash at her directly. If you have a stofen (cover) or gary fong, it will help soften the flash and maybe less exposure to the babes eyes.

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Thanks Smile

I was bouncing from the ceiling, but the poor girl was laying her back and looking straight up for about 10 of them. Oh, worst mother of the year award, here I come! I feel so bad!

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I'm sure she is fine. Even in the hospital the newborn photographers that come in use direct harsh flash a lot and (I HOPE) the hospital wouldn't allow it if it was potentially damaging.