A boy's first.....4 for CC (1 more added...)

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A boy's first.....4 for CC (1 more added...)

Took our 6 year old out with his dirtbike for the first time without training wheels in the field next to our house! He did great! We were so proud!! What do you think? I used my rarely touched (since the ap is cruddy) 55-200 lens...but it had the length that I wanted so I went with it. Had a cwb set hoping to fix my "freezing" photos. Still did slight adjustments in ACR but that's about it.

before he let go....

he let go!!!

Way to go!!

And my sweet girl watching her brother Smile

Settings are everywhere because of the crazy lighting....I'll fetch if you'd like Smile

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cool bike!!! I think these look pretty good.

one of the things I really want to work on is panning ... and looking at your second picture, I'm thinking you could have a lot of fun with panning and that bike. Smile

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wow these are awesome! I just love all the green Smile they all look a bit too yellow to me but i am having issues right now :rolleyes:

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Oh panning would be FUN huh?! You did a great job. I especially love the one with Dad. What a great moment. I can hear his voice in my head! Biggrin Your DD is gorgeous!