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Another 6 week installment of my local photography group. This time we did bridals and my friend/co-worker posed for us. I have to admit, she made it so easy.

CC on anything, please!!! I feel like I'm getting better, but still majorly lacking confidence. I think my biggest hurtle now is processing. That's where I really need to focus most of my efforts.

1/500 1.8 200

1/500 1.8 200

1/200 1.8 400

1/400 1.8 100

Probably my favorite. It just seems very Cinderella Smile
1/500 2.5 200

1/320 2.0 500

1/320 2.0 500

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Jennifer - these are great. I love the composition in all of these. My only comment is I find some of them very bright and a little cool. For example, in #1 love the composition but you can see in her skin and dress there are over exposed parts. Is there anyway you can pull down the brightness?

I am in the same boat as you as far as processing. I am having such a hard time processing some of my pictures - still need to figure out Light room and PS.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, I find them too bright in spots as well, but they are so lovely otherwise.

I like the "Cinderella" one as well - just wish the monument (?) wasn't coming up right behind her head. Also, the hand-on-hip pose doesn't feel very... bridal... to me somehow. But that's just being nitpicky. They all have a really beautiful feel to them!

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I initially thought the same as Tracy about the monument over her head in the "Cinderella" one, but after I thought about it for a second, I kinda like it there. I think if it were just trees like the rest of the background, then her hair might get lost in the trees. I think that lighter monument actually helps to separate her from the trees a bit. I do love that picture!

I think these are all very pretty.. I do agree with the others that some of them look a bit bright/cool, particularly #2.

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Thanks so much you guys!! I now see how they are too cool. Why can't I see that to begin with?! I struggle so much with white balance and skin tones :/

To the brightness, none are actually blown. But I can certainly tone down the brightness.

Can't move the building in the 5th one :/ I have a few in another perspective, but I like this one the best out of them all.

Tracy, I suppose we didn't go full on 'bridal' with this because she really isn't a bride (though, I guess that's no excuse). Plus she looks so much more natural with that kind of pose than she does in other more traditional bridal poses. I suppose it just works for her. But, I totally understand why you say that. When I initially made the post I noticed that almost all my favorite images were with her hand on her hip.

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Love the fact that your group gets to do neat things like that, your shots are beautiful.

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The composition in all of them are amazing but I also agree that too bad the monument is where it is. The only thing I see wrong is that she looks like if you would click on her face to magnify the pic it would look very noisy or blurry just on her. I also struggle with this at times and find I need to use a smaller ap so the subject is a little sharper, unless that is what you were going for but I really do love the comps in all of them my fave being 3 if she was just a little less bright and sharper:)

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I took a look back and found this one where the building isn't right behind her...any better? Don't mind the processing, I was trying out some presets I just bought.


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I think this one is much better. I like that you can see her flowers on the side of her:)

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I think overall the lighting & quality is beautiful, just have a few things that stand out to me--

#1 I like the perspective of the fence, just not a fan of the hand on the hip and of the bright/blown area on her front. Also I can't see her eyes but I think she just has very heavy makeup on.

#2 I have done this too---I LOVE including the bit of sparkly sun bokeh at the top but that means her head ends up centered; I also wish her feet were there. The hand on the hip works better here though I think.

#3 beautiful scene but the focus is on the roof in the upper right corner Sad

#4 I like this as is I think.

#5 the triangular thing was the first thing I noticed too, and the wirey thing floating above it. I do like the pose but I feel like she's just so far away. lol

#6 beautiful setting but not a fan of the pose.

#7 very pretty, although I keep looking down at the big suntan line on her left front.

new one: yes I like this one MUCH better but I still wonder what that wirey thing with the dot on it is above that structure (and the structure looks like a ketchup squeeze bottle LOL)