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Thread: Budding Photographers?

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    Default Budding Photographers?

    I am curious do any of your little ones show an interest in photography or taking photos? Natalie used to have a v-tech camera and loved it, me not so much, it ate batteries. After a week of replacing batteries in the v-tech over and over I gave her my old Canon P&S to play around with, she LOVES it, runs around the house taking pictures of EVERYTHING! Since she's three there isn't anything spectacular, but she really enjoys it.

    I've seen some nice pics taken by kids on here, so I am am wondering if anyone else has a kid that loves being behind the camera.

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    Nora really likes to take pictures, but we haven't let her do much except under careful supervision. But we're giving her a little tiny camera for Christmas. I'd like to encourage it, so that IF my kids have an aptitude and interest, it will be something we can share together.

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    Older dd1 had a Fisher Price kid tough camera when she was 3 and she loved it, but it was just slightly too big for her hands then - we haven't used it lately.

    But just this past Sunday she started asking me if she could take pictures with my camera!! I tried to help her and let her mash the shutter button a couple of times while I was holding the camera (she's still only 4) -

    I might pull out the FP camera and see if she'd like to try to use it again!

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    Oh yes, I let Nathan use my xti with my nifty fifty on it as much as he wants. He gets a good shot every now and then....but mostly it's photos of his toys and our feet.
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    Logan has long loved the camera! And now that he's 11, we don't get so many photos of his feet or the inside roof of the dog's mouth. *shudders*

    He "owns" my old p&s and has become really handy with my D80 as well. He takes pictures when DH and I are playing soccer using the shutter priority mode. He'll take portrait-type photos w/ my nifty fifty as well. And he's getting better every day!

    Recently he has expressed an interest in editing and this year, HE is in charge of the family Christmas photos and card we will mail out. We'll work on it a lot together, but he is the creative force this year. I am LOVING sharing this passion with him!


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    Hayden is only 5 but he loves getting behind the camera. He has asked for a camera for Christmas but I'm concerned he might not be old enough to take good care of it. My daughter hasn't shown much interest at all

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    Carson loves to take pictures He takes quite a few for me whenever I want one of Jackson and myself together. I'm really trying to make sure I'm in the pictures with the kids more often, so this helps! He's actually pretty good a looking through the viewfinder and lining me up in the camera. I would love it if he wanted to be my little assistant some day. I think it's something that he would be into as well.

    I'd love to give him one of my old point and shoots, but I'm afraid that Jackson will get a hold of it and destroy it. Carson's careful with things, but Jackson is Captain Destructo. And Carson doesn't put away his toys...
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    My ten year old loves to take photos, and she does a pretty good job. She has one of my older cameras at her discretion. My seven year old likes to as well, but he needs a little more fine tuning. My twins are not quite three, and often ask, but I always have to tell them how breakable it is. And apparently it is sinking in, because the other day they had a toy camera (you know the ones you can see animals in) and Bram "took" a few photos of me, then placed it far back on the counter and said, "Wyatt cannot have dis, its bery breakable!" lol
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