a bunch of new ones from June/July (nature, pic heavy)

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a bunch of new ones from June/July (nature, pic heavy)

After going without a memory card in my Canon for a month, I was using only my Fuji (non-slr), which does do a great job with macros etc. and I did get a lot of great pics with during the Canon's "absence"....but I picked up my Canon again yesterday and was very glad to use it again. Especially with the 50mm and all that extra-dreamy bokeh! Smile

Here are a few favorites from the past month (it's been that long since I've posted any pics), from both cameras:



3. This is one of my favorites of this moth so far.













16. last one...

The rest are at my Flickr photostream.

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Oh Amy! these are all so wonderful, I don't know where to start! I'll pick a few of my favorites to start with ....

#1. WOWSERS! It's so detailed, it's almost alien. The colors are amazing and I just want to reach out and touch it.

#2. Talk about creamy bokeh! Really makes that little guy stand out.

#3. I can see why this is one of your faves. The composition is to DIE for. The color and clarity are amzing as well. I love the slight motion blur of the wings - reminds you that this is REAL folks.

#4. What amazing detail in the wings! They look so velvety. Looks like he posed for you here. Smile

#5. another really cool composition! It almost looks like he's about o fall off that flower. I love the spread open wings.

#6. the overhead sunlight really works here. instead of being harsh, it separates the butterfly from the background so nicely! Excellent use of natural light!

#7. I love the softness of this one (while being perfectly in focus). If this was taken in the last 2 weeks, you should really think about the bokeh challenge!

#8. the cooler colors here are really cool and compliment the cooler colors on the wings. HOW do you manage to catch them so perfectly opened up like this????? Simply amazing!

#9. Love the 'profile' shot of this guy. Feels to me like he's about to spring off for take off.

#10. Truly beautiful! This is another one where the creamy bokeh is just the kind we want to feature in the bokeh challenge (hint, hint). Wink

#11. Is this lavender? I've got no green thumb, so I have no clue, but whatever it is, I LOVE IT! I swear I can almost here it rustling in the breeze.

#12. Cool perspective. I like how you got beneath them for this shot. I don't know if it's overcast skies, but it does seem slightly under expposed.

#13. AWESOME COMPOSITION! I lvoe how they seem to 'step down' as your eye travels across the image. WOW!

#14. What cool colors! Is this the same flower as in #1? I love that saturated pink of the petals next to the red-orange centers. Another great use of a shallow DOF.

#15. LOVE the composition again! This one feels like fall to me though. It's amazing what a slight shift in light can make.

#16. talk about an ALIEN feel! LOVE IT! makes me want to see more, learn more - it really draws me in!

OK ... I was supposed to pick just my favorites, but the truth is .. I love them all. You have SUCH an eye for nature photography. I really think you should look into stock photography opportunities. I think you'd clean up!


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Amy, these are great! 3 is really cool, definitely one of my faves from this set. and I could see 10 on a wall, lovely. but really, they're all so nice, and the colors are lovely. so glad to see a huge set from you. Smile

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You've got such a steady hand--I'm envious. I miss more butterfly and insect shots because those little critters just won't stay still long enough for me to shoot!

#3 really is cool. I love how you've captured the motion. I assume it's some kind of sphinx moth but do you know what species it is?

#1 is a beautiful, dynamic shot, and I love the deep red.

I also love the whites in #13--perfectly crisp and rich without any color cast.

#4 seems a little too tightly cropped IMO, but the detail is very nice.

I LOVE the colors in #2.

Okay, you've inspired me. Macro is coming out this weekend..... Smile

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#2 - I think it's amazing that you managed catchlights on a moth.
#13 - beautiful bokeh

I love your nature pics. I'm with GiGi on the suggestion that you should look into submitting for stock photography.

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Wow, thank you ladies so much, I really appreciate your replies! Janet, #3 is a Hummingbird Clearwing (a type of sphinx moth, yes), Latin name Hemaris thysbe. This past Sunday I finally got to see another species of clearwing moth, the Snowberry, but only got one decent pic of it because it didn't stay long. It was at my Dad's friend's butterflybush at their house where we swim many weekends in summertime.

For the bokeh challenge, I was thinking of either using one I've taken in the past week (such as from above) that is decently dreamy/creamy lol, or getting more creative and taking a new pic of some specific subject bokeh'd, like the pics I attempted last night of Eva's bubbles she was blowing. WOWOWOW was that hard! But I noticed some interesting effects created by focusing on such small objects in mid-air...

LOL Krista, I didn't think of it that way, but I guess the moth does have catchlights in its many many lenses heheh!

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I just got a macro and i'm coming to you for advice on how to capture the bugs on camera! Smile These are beautiful!!!

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I can't wait to see everyone's macro pics! Today I entered #3 in a garden-wildlife photography contest. I wasn't sure if it was THE best one to pick but I really like how the movement and depth came out in it.