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Business names....

I'm thinking about starting PBing, and getting a business up and running by fall. What do you guys think about my name... Astrid Miller Photography? I was thinking its kinda blah... I also don't like Lauren Miller Photography, I think that's even worse. I think some peoples names sound great as their business name, but I'm not sure mine is one of them. Now I know that the photography is what makes a business good, but good branding can help... can't it? ramble, ramble... The question is.. Do you guys think I should pick a new business name? Maybe something cutsie.. I thought of Ever After photography, but then I googled it, and turns out there are several of those (not so original, am I!).... so not that... but something along those lines I guess?

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I like the thought of putting your name as a business name and having a sub title. I also like having a unique name that describes you as a photographer. I guess it is a toss up for me. I am no help... lol.

Are you going to apply for prepro on ILP?

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I really like it as Astrid Miller Photography. It's unique, but to the point, you know? Something someone would remember and recognize easily once you begin to brand your work!

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I do think Ever After photography is far too common, you don't want confusion happening (I e-mailed the wrong studio once because of 2 studios with the same name :eek:). I think that using your name or your name in combination with a description would be a great idea. Not being very creative here but something like "Lauren's Memories".

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I'll be totally honest that I love Astrid Miller Photography! For some reason I thought you'd already picked it as your name and I always remember it.

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I also agree that Astrid Miller Photography totally works.

Did I ever tell you that my dad's mom's name was Astrid? I never met her, she died when Dad was 13. But I think of her anyway when I see your watermark. Wink

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Wow, thanks so much for the responses. It really helps to see what other ppl think. For some reason I was under the impression that ppl really didn't like Astrid Miller Photography.

Gwen, I didn't know that. I think its a really neat name, although my brother used to tease me when I was little... He called me Lauren *** tread.... Does that even make sense?! What are brothers for Blum 3 I was named after my great Nana, who died a couple years ago. She would have been turning 100 this summer. Crazy.

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I also LOVE Astrid Miller Photography. Astrid is a unique name, Miller is more common, so they balance each other out IMO. I get the ***tread, BTW! haha

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I thought that was already your business name... I LOVE it!

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"connorsmum" wrote:

I thought that was already your business name... I LOVE it!

Thanks Smile

Well, it was what I originally planned on using if/when I went into business, and now that I'm going to, I thought its my last chance to change it Smile I'm going to keep it though. That way I can keep my fb page too, and all the work I've done on my blog!

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I'm super late on this, but I was going to say I love Astrid Miller Photography, too!! So good, glad you're keeping it! Smile

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Astrid is unique. How many Astrid Miller's are you finding on the internet? Not very many. When I was looking for a business name (It was when I wrote my book - my author's pen that rolled into my new photography business name.) Anyhow, when I did I took Cindy Wilkerson and shortened it to CJ Wilkes. I love it because there are not very many CJ Wilkes out there... so it makes it easy for people to find me.

You have the advantage of different and that is a good thing with business and names. Not a bad choice at all. I think that how you brand is what will make the difference. Decorate to make it you - ya know! Smile