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Now on b/w is there something I'm not doing right? I feel like these should almost be darker but I'm not sure when it comes to editing I have no clue.

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Yes, your black and whites need much more contrast.

And I know you didn't ask about composition, but I'm just not feeling that first image. There is nothing there to draw me in. I'm just seeing the back side of two people's heads. No connection for me here.

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I agree w/ Amber that what is missing is contrast. I'm a fan of high contrast b&w though.

What method are you using to convert to b&w? Knowing that could help us be more specific with ideas on how to improve.

I really love this 2nd shot and think it is well on its way to being an AWESOME b&w! Smile


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Add me to the "more contrast" crowd. Wink But I'd brighten that second one before adding more contrast.

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These def need more contrast, they appear "muddy". What editing program are you using?

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Thanks for all the advice with contrast! I was using my Canon Rebel Xti with my EF 75-300 Lens.