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c/c appreciated

I started my first ever online photography course this week, and my assignment is due in a couple of days. I am a total beginner, but really want to learn a lot from this course. This was really my first real photoshoot with someone other than my own kids. I'm really looking forward to learning my camera better, and hopefully this will all finally click for me.

Assignment #1 was a headshot using a large aperature and zoom lens. I got a few that I like, but I'm not sure about the skin color on some of them. Before I submit them for the class, I'd like to make sure they don't completely suck!

Assignment #2 was to tell a story with your picture, and to use a door or a window to frame the subject as part of the story. We were to use a wide angle and close up our aperature to get everything in focus.

Here's what I got:

Assignment #1

ISO 200
f 4.5
102 mm

ISO 200
f 4.5
100 mm

ISO 200
f 5.3
160 mm

**ETA new crop--does this work better?

ISO 200
f 4.2
82 mm

Assignment #2

ISO 400
f 10

ISO 400
f 10
28 mm

Any feedback you can give me is GREAT! Thanks a bunch!

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I like the first set. The third one down is my favorite. Im not diggin your second set much. To me it looks really awkward. My monitor is uncalibrated, but skin tone looks alright in each of them. She is a very pretty girl!

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The first one has a lot of magenta in her skin. Is 3 an in camera crop? I would try to make her a little less centered or atleast put her eyes in the top 1/3rd.

My favorite is the 1st pic of the second set. Smile

I wanna take a course!!! Where did you find out about it? That is so cool.

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I love what you were going for w/ the 2nd set. I think getting low and shooting more on her level would have had a more powerful impact.

You are doing GREAT!


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I like the first set also. I think the second one would have worked if you where at her level, just as suggested.

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Hi Lisa. First of all, she's a gorgeous little girl! You are on the right track. Good for you for practicing and posting for c/c.

#1... you could have dropped your ISO, your ss was a little high. There is a lot of magenta in her skin. Love the contact with the camera, love the backlighting. I had to have a play. Let me know if you want it taken down (private in Flickr).

20090715_1680_edited-2 edi

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Wow, you are doing an awesome job! Shot 1 is my favorite, though it did need some editing because of htat backlighting (I am terrified of backlighting....) Stacey's take on it is awesome. I like it because her smile looks most natural there.

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Wow, how cool you are taking a photography class! I'm jealous!!! Way to go to practice on someone other than your kids. You are doing great!

#1 is my favorite - I like Stacey's PP on it as well. LOVE the backlighting and the composition and her expression.

#2 I like as well, but the elbow chop is bothering me a little.

#3 isn't doing much for me, even with the new crop. I'm struggling to come up with something to suggest though!

Assignment #2 photos I'm thinking that they follow the assignment, but I do not find them terribly interesting.

They all look a tad soft to me on my computer, are you sharpening for web by any chance?

Way to go. Looking forward to seeing more of your assignments! Keep us posted on what others in your class think! Smile

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