Cake Smash questions

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Cake Smash questions

The girls are turning one next Monday, April 19th. :eek: I can't believe that it's been a year already! Anyway, I really want to do a cake smash with them. I know that they won't come out anywhere near as good as some of you ladies, but hey, it's better then nothing, and it will be a good learning experience for me! So I have a few questions:

What size plexiglass should I get? Can I get that at Lowes or some other home improvement store?

Any tips on what size cake and colors to use that photograph well? We use cloth diapers, so I'll try to pic out cute diapers that match the colors of the cake!

Should I try setting this up outside or stick to inside with opening all the curtains?

Any other tips/suggestions/etc... would be great! I can't wait to take these pics and share them with you all!

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I have only done a couple (for fun). My plexi is about 4ft by 4ft (I got it at Ace Hardware, lol) and I put clear packing tape around the sides because the edges ar sharp! For my backdrop, I use a colored fleece (lavander or pale blue usually) and toss it in the dryer to make sure I got all the wrinkles out. I would suggest using garage light if possible (open garage, but set up in the garage... nice even open shade). For the cake, it just depends on what you want... I like a contrasting color that will stand out when smeared all over baby and plexi!

These are the only ones I could find off hand.

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Those are great! Thanks! I will have to see how much light I have in my garage with the doors open. Would I want my back to the doors, so the girls were looking outside the doors? I never thought of using the garage before!

I currently have a white sheet and a black velvet type of fabric. When I used the white to do there "bunnie" pics it looks like it's purple. Which was fine for those pics, and would be fine for these pics too since they are girls! Maybe I will try setting up a little practice set with both and see which one looks better.

Now I want some cake!

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I tried doing a cake smash thing for my son's second birthday almost a year ago. I don't recommend doing it at 2 though because my son had absolutely no interest in making a mess lol. I did manage what I thought was a pretty cute shot though with the whole cake.

I had also set up in the garage with white seamless paper and the plexi over it. We bought two smaller sheets (i can't remember the exact dimensions) of I think it was 1/4" plexiglass at Home Depot. I had the open garage door behind me but I don't think it mattered that much because I used a big softbox to my right. I think if you're just using that light you would want it behind you so its facing them, possibly at a slight angle but I'm sure someone else might have better insight on that. I will suggest though that you get as big a piece a plexi that you can fit in your car and easily store because having the two smaller sheets for me can be a pain in the pp'ing having to take out the seam and while shooting to keep it from moving too much.

I did a combo of blue cake/number/hat and the white diaper, I'm sure with two little girls you can think up some cute color combos Smile

P.S. I made the number 2 from a cereal box, I found a nice font and printed up a big number two from the computer and cut it out then traced it onto two sides of the cereal box (flipping it over for the back) then cut it out of the box, painted it and taped the top together Smile

Here is my before and after

Good luck with your shoot, I'm sure you'll get some great photos and a lot of good practice out of it.

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To be honest with you, I am doing mine outside! I don't have the set up for indoors, so I am trying for one outside! Can't wait!

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Just wanted to suggest buying an acrylic piece instead of true plexiglass--I believe they are different. My acrylic does not have sharp edges whatsoever, and I remember a year or two ago someone actually slicing their foot open on their plexi--it was that sharp. I just got mine at the hardware store in the windows/doors section.
If you are going with the white background and shooting in anything other than manual, you will probably want to set your exposure compensation to +1 or so, because when your camera sees all that white, it is going to underexpose your pics. The garage is a great idea--I think I'm going to try Hannah's smash in there if we get a warm enough day by May.
Anyway, good luck--can't wait to see what you come up with!