Which camera???

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Which camera???

I don't normally post here although I do recognize some names! I am purchasing a new camera in the next 2 weeks or so and I'm down to two and I really, really don't know which to go with.

I am getting a Canon, that much is certain. It's all I have ever had, and all I ever will have as far as I can see Smile I have a Canon S2 IS... I've had it for years but I've mastered the manual settings and I'm ready to upgrade to a DSLR!

What I can't decide between is the Rebel XS and the Rebel XSi. I have read through the differences over and over and I just can't decide. Do I go with the XSi because it has a little more and I'll grow into it? Or do I save $100 and get the XS and put that money towards a speedlite?

I'm perplexed. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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I would get the Xsi..

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I'm thinking XSi

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I love canon. Cant comment on your choice as I have never had one I have a 40D and love it!