camera bag question from a lurker!

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camera bag question from a lurker!

At one time I did post here, then I lurked for a long time...but it's been ages...I just can't find the time to keep up!

Anyway...I was just wondering what kind/brand/type of bag you have and what you love/hate about it...

I want to invest in a new one...mine is too full and it doesn't work well when I'm out on a session...

thanks for any input!!!

PS you can share your dream bag too...that would be helpful!

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I have the crumpler 4 million doller bag. I like it. Its nice and convenient...I can change lenses with it on my shoulder...I do wish I would have gone bigger cause all of my "stuff" no longer fits! But, all and all, its a good size and I'd reccommend it!

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I have the Jill-E Large Black bag as well as a small one and I absolutely Love it.

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Thanks girls!! I thought maybe no one out here had the desire for a nice bag! :-)!

I'm looking at the crumpler million dollar series...maybe a 6 or 7? I think that'll be good, for what I have/need...

I will look into the Jill-E...I've never heard of them...

Thanks again!

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I have the tamrac velocity 7x (I think that's it). It holds my camera body and 2 lenses as well as space for memory cards, etc. It's a very sturdy bag and I like the messenger bag style. But I wish it held a bit more - I wish it had room for my wallet and stuff so that I didn't have to carry a separate purse.

I'm thinking a new bag is in my future, but it's not my NEAR future so I haven't even started looking. Still in the wishing phase. ;+)

Best of luck to you (& good to see you post).