camera dropped :(

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camera dropped :(

I had it in our backpack diaper bag and DH knocked it off of the chair onto the floor this morning.

When I tried to use it, the shutter wouldn't work completely. It would try to focus and it seems the meter is working, but it won't fully depress to take a photo in the manual setting. It only takes a photo in two settings and it's not two settings I ever use.

When I spin the settings dial, it only displays a couple of the settings, but something is always displayed, even if it's the incorrect setting for what the dial is turned to. For example - it displays the manual setting info even if the dial is turned to auto, motion, etc.

My hope is that since it's partially working, perhaps it's an easy fix?

I am so sick. This was a secondhand camera, so I don't have a warranty. And I don't know of any trusted camera shops here. I'm sure there are great ones, I just don't have experience or know anyone who does. There's a store right down from me that I'm going to check out.

Not fun.

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Sorry to hear about your camera. Ouchie, hope it is an easy fix.

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I know your pain. Last year I was shooting a family and my camera dropped from about 5 feet onto the concrete sidewalk. My heart sank and I thought I would throw up. It was popping up an error and wouldn't do anything. I sent it into Canon to get fixed (fully expecting to pay for any damages). Thankfully, only a main electrical connection came loose and was reconnected and repaired under warranty (I didn't think it would be covered because of being dropped).

But, I know you said yours is not under warranty, but maybe it's just a simple electrical connection problem, which it sounds like it could be. I'd suggest sending it off and getting it looked at, a shop will most likely just send it off anyway). I've heard that most of the time repairs aren't nearly as expensive as the person thought they would be. Not fun, I know, but better than buying a whole new camera!!

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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Oh no. I feel your pain. When I tripped and dropped my camera I cried for hours...
Thankfully it was only the lens although I had to spend $1300 for a new one it just rips you to the core when it happens.

I would get it checked by the manufacturer if you can.

have you tried taking the battery out and putting it back in again. worth a try.


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Spoke to two different places today (one was Canon) and they both said it'll probably be a minimum of $200 to repair (plus I'll have to pay to package and ship it).

The woman at Canon said they could sell refurbished cameras so I asked how much.

She said a Canon Rebel EOS Xsi with the kit lens would be $399 (includes shipping). I currently have the Canon Rebel EOS Xti, so the Xsi is the next step up I guess. And I don't even have the kit lens (which I know most think is crap) so I'm wondering if I shouldn't go ahead and pay the extra $200 for a refurbished Xsi (comes with a 90 day warranty)

UGH. This is SO frustrating.

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Sorry to hear about your broken camera, hope you can decided which option is best for you.

I've only ever needed to repair P&S's, one cost me $150 but at the time digital cameras were expensive so it was worth it, the other was a Canon and I had dropped it and the lens would make horrible clicking noises and not open, they repaired it under warranty and had it back to me in 3 days.

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I feel your pain! I upgraded to my D80 when my last p&s gave out and was going to cost $250 to replace. Could you send it in and have them verify what it will cost to repair it before you make your final decision? I mean, if they get it and it's something simple that they can fix for under $100, you might want to go that route. But if it's going to be the full $200 or more, then you could opt for the upgrade.

Just a thought. I hope you get something worked out soon!



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Give Canon another call and see what it would cost to get an assessment, if I recall correctly you just have to pay the freight to them then they tell you what is wrong and how much it will cost to repair, mine I was told it was under warranty but my understanding when I talked to the guy on the phone is that they will e-mail the amount and then you can accept or reject the repair.

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"Muddee" wrote:

Give Canon another call and see what it would cost to get an assessment.

It's free. but I really don't want to have to spend $20 - $25 on shipping (packaging, cost and insurance) to get it to them. And I'm sure the cost to ship back will be similar.

I hate to spend nearly $50 on just shipping to see if they can fix it. This just blows.