Can i get some help with my xmas card..

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Can i get some help with my xmas card..

I like the back of the card the way it is...but the inside flaps...

on the left i have the pic of Ashley with the "A" ornament ....but i can't decide if i want that t here or the pic of her blowing the snow....the problem is some people haven't seen her in a while and although i love the one of her blowing the snow....i think the other one showcases her face more....which one which one??

5_X_15 trifold template external

5_X_15 trifold template internal

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I think it is great the way it is.

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I agree, it's amazing just the way it is!

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I like it just the way it is too! Smile

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Love it like this!! I agree, I think people are going to want to see her face, and the ornament pic is beautiful. I love the snow picture, fact, it is my favorite, but I think this arrangement is better for your card!

PS...I went and bought those jammies last night. They were my favorites out of three different stores that had matching pjs in 3T and 3 months! Smile I hope you don't mind!!

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TOO CUTE! Love it just the way it is! Great job!

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oh i love it, i think it is perfect

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I agree, its perfect the way it is!

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I think it's so great!

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I think it looks awesome!