Can I just claim...

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Can I just claim...

that my youngest daughter's hands were temporarily disappearing over the weekend, and have now grown back again? Lol



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ROFL That's too funny! Some great captures besides the chopping off! Especially #1!

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You are so funny! I did that too last night! grrr! Love the pics tho, #1 is VERY sweet! Two smiles AND looking in your direction?!? Who cares if her hands are missing! Lol

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aww love the cute smiles in the first one, adorable. I have my moments with limb chop too, you just have to be so quick with little ones, its either that or nothing at all

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Thats too funny!! #1 is just can't help but smile looking at that one! Smile

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funny!!! I do the hand chop thing too ... but it doesn't help that they're always moving those hands around!