Can I share?

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Can I share?

Just some pics I took at the aquarium at Myrtle Beach this week. I just thought the colors were nice (even though the subject is gross LOL).

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Gross???!!! That eel is gorgeous, so is the coral while I'm at it, and the jellyfish are just jellyfish LOL! Your pics are AMAZING!! Smile holy cow your last one is totally awesome.

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#3 is STUNNING. Wow. Great pics!

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Love the last one!

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I love all the colors!!! not gross at all Biggrin

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Those are so awesome! Look at how vibrant those colors are! LOVE that last one!

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I agree with Sadie, love the colors! I love the blue of the water and the yellow of the jelly fish!! So neat.

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WOW! # 3 is amazing!!!

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These are all great, but the composition in #3 really takes the cake for me! GREAT JOB!

I'm impressed that you don't have a lot of glare from all that aquarium glass!


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Wow, thanks a lot for all the compliments ladies! I really just got lucky I think in some of these. I have many more that did not turn out so well. In fact, the glare did ruin like 70 or so of my shots :(. There actually was glare in both the second and third one, but I cleaned it up a little in photoshop.
LOL apparently I do much better taking pictures of things that gross me out, because I also wanted to post some pics of my DD on the beach for CC and editing suggestions, but I couldn't find any that didn't look like just plain ol snapshots.

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I am loving the colors here! Very cool!

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Ill love to catch a shot like that

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Colors are s0 vibrant!

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# 3 OMG stunning!

Love the colours