Can I start Flashback Friday a day early?

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Can I start Flashback Friday a day early?

Soooo freakin' tired here, and I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring at this point, but we never had a FBF thread last week, so I'm hoping to see some pics from everyone this week. And I got a rare treat this week: LOTS of Nora pics for a change! So I have to share!

My faves were from the park last weekend, including the one I asked for feedback on:

Nora never minds getting dirty or messy.

Micah gets so red-faced in the heat!!

I got some cute ones at DD's "sports day" (which apparently they call "fun day" now, so as not to offend the unathletic kids or something like that... of which I was one, but seriously?) this week:

Go Team Yellow!

Just being a goof (and showing off the lip that caused her jacket sleeve to be blood-soaked the day before):

Trying to be tough:

And silly:

And one of Micah with DH's tablet. Lousy conversion, but I liked the glow:

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Lovely Tracy. I especially like the one of Nora dumping grass on her head. Fun!

It is Friday here Smile

My children had been sick most of the week so very little from me. I did try and get some photos of the ice this morning (almost -5 degrees on the way to school)

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I happily have had lots of stuff to work on and share lately. I love this time of year, and yet my garden isn't even near full bloom yet! It only has one flower blooming so far lol! But camping and other trips help keep me busy with pics too.

Some various faves from the past 2 weeks:








8. 100% crop of #7 (yay!):






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LOVE all the Nora shots!!! Carson would just love her!

Amy, that smoke shot is to die for! I saw it on Flickr and was hoping you'd post it here!

Not many from me this week. I haven't been feeling my camera much, and I had been trying to get a set processed for my friend.

The perfect summer treat! And I love the light that I get on my back porch! I get some amazingly crisp photos there.

866A4140-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Jackson doesn't want his picture taken anymore, but it still doesn't stop him from getting in my way of taking Carson's picture Wink

866A4150-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Why does he have to look so old here??

866A4167-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

And here's a LR b&w edit. I usually bring them into PSE for that, but gave it a try with this one in LR. Excuse the messy lunch face Wink

866A4165-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Tracy ... looks like both your kiddos had fun at the park!

Amy ... always lovely shots! I really love that first mushroom and the lady bug too! The creepy crawlies make me shudder though. Wink

Steph ... you do have some great light on that back porch! color me jealous. Biggrin Nice LR conversion! I love the pouty lunch face.

Here are (more than just) a few from me.

First, from our vacation last week:

the teeth on this guy creeped me out:

my guys in a tunnel at the aquarium:

the oddest fish in the aquarium:

Logan took this one:

And this one:

at the water park:

And these are from Father's Day:

paleo donuts:

matching slippers:

bacon shell tacos!

I know this is a TON of photos! It was such a nice week away from work!

I'll try to keep things at a more respectable level from this point forward. Biggrin


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Thanks everyone! Wow GiGi some really cute and fun stuff you've got Smile I love it. You are making me do a search for "paleo donuts" to see what's in them Lol

Here is one more I just added that I love, it's a baby mantis:

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Cool baby mantis, Amy! Still gives me the willies. Wink

BTW ... these are the 2 recipes i kind of combined (due to the ingredients I had on hand) to make the donuts:

Chocolate paleo donuts

PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Chocolate Strawberry Donuts


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OH MY, GiGi! As a long-time low-carber (not entirely paleo, but on that side of things), may I say I want those donuts and seriously, bacon shell tacos are pure genius!! I must try!!

Amy, great shots! I love the back of the daisy. I tried to do that at home, with some I'd picked, but without the green backdrop, they were so bland. That is beautiful, and beautiful light. Love the mushroom too. Your bugs are sooo creepy. I wish that smoke shot was mine... I need one for my camera club's summer shoot. Biggrin

Beautiful photos, Steph, what wonderful light!

GiGi, the aquarium pics are awesome. Really love the one of the 'oddest fish in the aquarium'! And great water slides photos!

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LOL at giving everyone the creeps! haha I guess I'll take it as a good thing Wink Thank you Tracy, hmmm I am sure you could come up with a gorgeous daisy shot, the way you've done other picked flowers before.....there was an orange tulip if I remember, that was to die for!
I had fun doing the smoke pics.....the sunlight was hitting it just right like that for only a couple seconds, but I still got several cool shots of the swirling smoke even after that.

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Great shots everyone. Always enjoy flashback friday.

Amy - that spider gives me the heebeegeebees...

Gigi - OMG on that bacon shell - must have been tasty. And how tall is Logan? He is almost as tall as your DH!

Stephanie - aww on Jackson not wanting to take pictures anymore. My kids are the same way, that's why I put the camera aside for now to give them a break... lol

Tracy - you have captured Nora's personality in these pictures soo good!

I just have one to share a camera picture. Brandon started this class about learning the basics of baseball before he goes off on t-ball!

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What a great shot, El, I love that!

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2 from todays shoot

LEXA4 (1 of 1)

LEXA5 (1 of 1)

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I actually got to take some pictures this week. I work at a school and the principal asked me to take some kindergarten graduation pictures. She wanted me to take them in our chapel, which has absolutely no windows. But, it does have one door to outside. So I propped open the door and set up shop right in the doorway, facing out. Smile I am definitely an amateur, and the pictures are far from great, but I really enjoyed myself.

 photo f584b515-61e0-4680-af75-c677030cdf87.jpg" alt="" />

 photo photo17-2.jpg" alt="" />

 photo photo9-1.jpg" alt="" />

 photo photo7-1.jpg" alt="" />

 photo photo5-1.jpg" alt="" />

This one is my daughter Ainsley- she came along while I took pictures, and I needed someone to test the lighting for me before the kindergarteners arrived. Smile

 photo photo11-1.jpg" alt="" />

Sorry if these are really big. Photobucket has changed a lot since I've used it last and I'm having a hard time resizing.

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Awww El! Brandon is getting so big! I love the batting practice pic. Just think of the great t-ball pics to come. Biggrin Logan *is* getting big. I'm only about an inch taller now and in some of his "taller" shoes (like the boots he wears to church) we're dead even. *sigh* They grow up WAY too fast.

Tia ... that little girl is BEYOND precious! And what a fun place for a shoot!

Elizabeth ... those kinder grad shots are SO FUN! I'm sure the parents especially will just FALL IN LOVE with them! I admire you finding the best light you could and using it to the fullest! the little chalkboard idea is just too cute as well. Smile


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Elizabeth, those kinder shots are so cute! You got some great smiles!

Tia, that girl is adorable! #2 is so cute!

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Cute work everyone! BTW GiGi thanks for the links!!!