Can I start Flashback Friday? And Snapshot a Day for 11/01 too!

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Can I start Flashback Friday? And Snapshot a Day for 11/01 too!

I figure we will all have lots of Halloween pics to share, among other things, so I'm going to get it started, if that's OK! I haven't got my snapshot, but I'll be back with that! I have a TON to share, sorry so many!

Here's my Dorothy:

And the Sheriff:

I shared the kids in the 'hood on yesterday's snapshot thread:

Loved this guy's costume and it was probably the best "at the door" trick-or-treating photo I got:

Treats, treats!

I shared a pic of the kids' pumpkins earlier, but have to throw this one in. Nora wanted the pumpkins to be scary, but then wrote "LOVE" on hers, and named it Ava. Frightening. Wink

Some pics from Nora's classroom. This girl decided to take Micah under her wing and read to him, and then Nora and a friend joined in:

Nora and her best little buddy reading together:

Micah painting his pumpkin:

And a couple of cuties from my fall shoot.

Micah protecting his leaf pile from the wind:

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Here are a couple of photos from my phone from yesterday, using those as my flash back.

My Pumpkin Carving "Kit"

Kitty had surgery because he had trouble digesting/coughing up a hair ball. Here he is at home and drowsy from the drugs.

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Aw, poor kitty!

Amanda, great pumpkin carving kit, wow! People are so awesome at carving pumpkins. I just hack away with a knife and pray it looks like something. Biggrin

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Great Halloween/Fall shots, Tracy! I love the one of all the kiddos on the street.

Amanda- What did your finished pumpkin look like?! Poor kitty Sad

Here's 2 from my DSLR that I took yesterday. I seriously haven't picked it up in 6-7 weeks. Terrible, I know. My phone is just so convenient these days. Ryken lost a lens of his glasses, so we're glasses-less for a few days.

The rest of these are from my phone

Ryken started patching a few weeks ago. His right eye is a lot weaker than his left, so we're patching the strong one to see if it helps.

Sunrise in our backyard

Before preschool this past week

Carving pumpkins last weekend

DH and me Smile

Being silly

Ryken and his gorilla wearing glasses shirt, lol!


Halloween morning breakfast. I attempted to make pumpkin pancakes.

Trick-or-Treating last night. It was cold and rainy. You can see Ryken is missing a lens in his glasses, lol.

Both boys before TorT

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Katie, those are fantastic! I love the second one of your boys, and the one of Ryken with the each patch, as well as the B&W of him in the yard with the glasses. The sunrise shot is awesome. I'd kill for a back yard like that!!!

Here's my snapshot for today. The kids and the babysitter can have the candy: DH and I have a gift card to a steak house to use tonight! Smile
Date Night

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Sorry to post and run, but I need to go put my feet up for a while and see if I can catch a few zzz's before picking up Carson today!

My shot for the day:

866A7641-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Some flashback shots:

866A7280-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7259-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7242-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7302 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7509-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7514-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7531-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7565-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A7569-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Doesn't Jackson have the most expressive face??

866A7573-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

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Love that shot for today, Steph! And the flashback ones are great, such awesome Halloween fun. I totally love the last one... that expression is priceless!

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Thanks for starting things today, Tracy!

Your kids both really "bought into" their costumes and I just LOVE IT! Last year Logan finally decided he was too big for Trick or Treating and costumes. *sigh* Good think his dad and I are not too old for it! Smile

Amanda ... your pumpkin and the kit to create it are both AWESOME! I'm more like Tracy - just hack away and hope for the best. We never even got around to it this year. *sigh* Hope your kitty is feeling better now.

KATIE! So glad to see you posting today! I love the ones of Sully & Ryken together - they must melt your heart right into a little puddle. Smile I really love the pumpkin carving picture - ALL of your boys look completely into it!

Tracy ... MMMMM steak dinner! Sign me up too!

Love this one of Jackson and the train! He looks right in his element. Hope you got a chance to catch a nap before picking up Carson. That pick of him on the table w/ his cape flapping in the wind is priceless!

I don't have my shot for today yet. I hope to finish my Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) altar when I get home today. I'll take a snap of that as soon as I'm done pulling pictures for it.

Logan took this one of me yesterday while I was getting ready:

Here's one of Carlos as Walter White:

And this one of Logan shaving Carlos' head:

I have more that are still on the camera. I guess those will have to wait for next week.


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Those are great, GiGi! Carlos fit the role very well!