Can I vent for a minute?

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Can I vent for a minute?

When I posted the sneak peak and/or their online gallery of my last two sessions(one maternity, one family), they (the women) were able to nit pic and find something in about half the photos that they wanted fixed/edited/removed/liquified. With one, she wanted her face and thighs thinned out. I did it to two of them becase doing it to the rest she looked weird. She took one of the pics off facebook and used it as her profile pic, which I don't mind at all, but she cropped out the watermark. And she did the same to the rest of the photos that were in the album. I had to put up a friendly reminder status that if you use a photo to leave the watermark intact. She asked me to take down one pic because of the thighs issue. In my frustration with her, I simply took down all but 2 she and some others had commented on. I couldn't take it anymore :bigangry: Then she asks me "where'd the other pictures go, lol". I'm not LOL'ing.

This last one, maternity, was very meticulous in her CC of the photos for me. She asked for small fixes, which i can do and then asked me to replace 3 of them all together simply because she didn't like them. One of them, I'm staring at and dont know what it is she doesn't like because it truly is a lovely picture.

I get the whole customer service thing for paying client, but man, how far do I have to bend? I can't re-edit all, and they're not images that warrent a re-shoot. These two have made me want to pull my hair right out. I know we're alsways more critical of ourselves in photos and I know it's my job as their photographer to produce the best images for them so they're happy with what they see but it seems like i have failed in that respect for these two. Its a bit defeating. Sad I have meant to post some of the family session for CC and haven't gotten around to it.

ok, i needed to vent because i felt slighty hurt in all this. *sigh* Thanks for listening.

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You could make it policy that you don't do additional retouching based on client request. The images represent your artistic vision and you shouldn't have to bend to client request like that...especially when it is them wanting you to change reality. If they don't like the images, they don't purchase...plain and simple.

OR, you could charge extra for additional retouching requests...and only perform the retouching once the images (digital files or LARGE prints) are actually purchased. Not at all unusual.

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That sucks, seriously. Honestly a little liquifying during pp is reasonable, but if people expect miracles, they should pay you hourly afterwards to fix them.

For Facebook, my friend has to put,
"Copyright ______________ 2010
Please do not copy, crop or save, but feel free to share! Thanks"

Under every single picture. Seriously, people don't understand that stealing a Facebook picture is just that, stealing. In regards to that, my MIL 'steals' pictures that I put up on Facebook and prints them out and gives them to people, and I'm pretty sure she tries to pass them off as pictures she took. Facebook stinks sometimes.

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^that's one reason why I would never add my MIL to facebook if she ever got on it lol! Heck no!

I agree with Amber. You shouldn't have to do everything they say. If they don't like what you have come up with then that's their problem but you have tried your best and that's what they get. I think simple touch ups are ok but to make ones thighs thinner? That's kind of silly. It's not their natural self and if they don't like it then they should choose other poses. Sorry you are going through this. I would be hurt too I think Sad this is something I'm not looking forward to having to do in the future. But I'm going to try to make it clear that I'm not a miracle worker lol

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I wouldn't be happy either. I had a lady ask me to make her thinner, and I told her I would try and she said nevermind- it's what I look like IRL, so I was thankful for that. It's hard to please everyone. I think they should just be happy with what they got.

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In the publishing world (especially when we used blueline proofs), we had something called AAs--authors alterations. The printer had to pay for fixes to things they did wrong (getting dust on the page or placing a photo backward). Changes due to things out of the printer's control (e.g., the client decided to change a word in the text or move a graphic element) were billed to the client at an additional rate.

We don't have to be this stringent with photography--I'll happily clone out that big zit on my subject's nose for free. Still, I think the client should pay for screamingly subjective changes like "melting" away 30 pounds of cellulite. People get a lot less nit-picky when money becomes an issue!

I'm sure your photos are very nice. Some clients are just overly self-conscious.

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I saw that family album and the lady's comments and I could tell she was really weird about her pics.....and she even wanted you to change her SMILE in one of them didn't she?? Ugh. I thought the photos looked good. I would feel just like you do Sad

I agree you have to stand firmly and set reasonable limits. She is going way beyond reasonable. Tell her you don't do plastic surgery!!!

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oh my gosh, this is so frustrating. She wants you to change the way she looks in real life? That is asking WAY too much. I just went through a similar situation, shooting a huge family for free. They kept asking me for a disk with all the images, and no matter how much i explained, they would not let up. I just felt like crawling under my desk and never doing another shoot. This is clearly not that your photos are not good enough, it sounds a lot more like a couple of crazy ladies giving you a hard time. Soon they will be in the past. I agree with amber to change your contract so next time they have it in writing, and hopefully won't bother asking you to change the way they look.

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I have a blurb in my contract that additional retouching will be done at $25/hour.

I think it's messed up that people ask to be physically changed. As Sadie's client put it, it's how she is IRL so why change it?

I'm sorry they're so nitpicky, that really sucks!

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always the sound voices of clarity and reason you guys are Smile Thanks so much. I've changed my contract to add to say that images will have the basic touch ups (blemish removal colour correction etc) and that anything above that will cost them once the image has been purchased. Gotta love life experiences...I think I've altered my contract 3 times based on not-nice experiences I've had with people.
thanks for listening! Biggrin

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live and learn, right? I'm like you, I've had to change my contract half a dozen times in the last year to cover bad experiences.

Don't beat yourself up over it. It's their hang up!


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DD1's school photographer asks for $5 for retouches (to remove pimples and such from photos) you could outline fees for touching up or modifying photos.