Can you cc my edit?

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Can you cc my edit?

Well, this was our attempt at a family picture for the Christmas card. First of all, when we got to this location (WELL before sunset) there was not as much light as I had expected. It's kind of blocked by a mountain and some trees and I had to crank the ISO and ended up using noiseware and it's still icky. I am beginning to hate my Rebel and I'm scheming for an upgrade :). Anyway, we ended up with no pictures that I love. Or really even like! DH wants to try again but I just don't know if I am up for another session with the tripod, timer, and kiddos iykwim! Lol

Here is one attempt at an edit after multiple head swaps and pitiful attempts at cloning. I am still stuck in the "sooc-looks-better-than-my-edit" phase so I would appreciate any input y'all have on my processing.

post ACR and headswaps:

full edit: looks kind of different here than it looks in PSE. Maybe I oversharpened? I used Heidi's at 2%.

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I think it's gorgeous, but needs to be warmed up. Obviously, I can't see noise at this size, or clone jobs, for that matter, but from what I can see, it's great!

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I agree about warming them up... looks cool. Also, it looks a bit oversharpened on my screen - maybe that's just due to file size?

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You did that yourself!? I think it's pretty darn good. I agree about warming it a bit Smile I don't dare attempt a family picture...:D

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I think it's great! I do agree with the others that it could be warmed up. You have inspired me to try a family pic.

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Thank you so much for all of your input! I see what you mean about it being too cool now. I hope someday I can recognize that on my own! The funny thing is that I already warmed it up A LOT! lol. I didn't mess with my grey card that day because I could barely manage the tripod, etc. with the kiddos and their lack of patience! I warmed it a bit more and it does look a lot better!

I have no idea what is up with the sharpening! I didn't do anything different from what I usually do. It looks okay in PSE though.

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Katie, that's a great picture! and I can't tell you swapped any heads, so it looks good to me. Smile yes, warm it up some, and then it's perfect.

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I agree about being cool. It's mainly just your family though, not the background if that makes sense. Great job though! I am super jealous b/c I sooooo need a family photo!

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I really like the edit. The composition is great, and I can't tell you did a head swap! I would like to see a smidge more contrast between your daughter's forehead and hair line, but warming up the photo might take care of this.

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Here is a new edit based on your cc. I warmed it a bit more and decreased the brightness/added contrast on just dd's head.

I'm glad you all think this is at least workable! I don't think I had it in me to try again!!! LOL. I don't know what's up with the funky sharpening. I think I'll order a test print to check it out.

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the newest edit looks pretty good to me, warmed up just enough to look natural without being over done. I agree about the GREAT JOB you did on the head swaps, I can't tell.

the funky sharpening is all that stands out to me, but maybe that's just a display thing. I think a test print is certainly in order.