Canon 7D or 5D

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Canon 7D or 5D

Sorry I havent been around to post much but I have been busy with a new job, my new house and no camera makes it hard to shoot anything.

Well it looks like I will be getting another camera fairly soon. My 40D has an internal problem that they cant find but it is back working. However it could last 2 hours to a few months but in the mean time I am saving up big for a new camera for when it does.

So my choices are the 7D or the 5D MkII

I am liking the 5D but I am open to opinion. I guess this will mean I have to get new lenses too cos the one I have for the 40D wont fit so I am told.

So pro's and cons.

Thanks in advance.

But just to add a pic I took with my iphone. The one on the left is my Nephew Seth and the one on the right is ME at the same age.

How is this for likeness Biggrin

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I recently saved up to upgrade from a rebel xti (huge upgrade). I was also in the same boat although I also considered the 50D. I did a LOT of research and asked a lot of photographers who have used or do use each of these cameras. One of the first things they asked was what lens's I use and if i was going to upgrade lens's with the camera. If you go to the full frame, you obviously have to upgrade lens's so consider that in your price. The 7D is similar to the 5D as far as quality but think of the 5D as more of a portrait camera and the 7D for more action/sports. They are both great cameras but have different qualities (the 5D will out perform the 7D in portraits and vise verse the 7D in action over the 5D). The difference is the price. HUGE difference in price. The 7D is a Kick A' camera and will do fantastic portraits as well and if you had the money to do the 5D you might consider doing the 7D and then upgrading and getting a high quality lens to go with it. MY delima, was that I could not afford to do the upgrade to the 7D or 5D AND upgrade lens. Every photographer I spoke to and every review I read firmly said that if you put "cheap" glass on a high peformance camera, you are not going to get the results you want. In order to really reap the benefits of having such a powerful camera such as the 5D or 7D, you MUST put on a high quality glass... so that is a LOT of money to consider if you don't already have good glass. I use a 50mm 1.8 right now and love it. I have a lot of friends who are professional photographers and shoot with a 50D. The advice I got was to maybe start out with the 50D and then save up to start investing in some GOOD glass (which can be as expensive as the GOOD cameras) and other equipment and then in a few years when I have really commited and invested in other equipment, then consider upgrading the camera. So, that's what I did and I've been VERY happy with my 50D. It does beautifully with the 50mm lens and other zoom lens's I have that aren't on the high end as far as lens's go.

So, that's all I know and is how I based my decision when I was upgrading last month. I didn't have the money for the 5D or 7D yet, so it was either do the 50D then which I had the money for already or push the upgrade a bit longer to keep saving but then I had the lens dilema.

Good luck with your decision.. I know it's a hard one! I still drool over the 7D and 5D, one day I'll have me one!

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I recently upgraded to the 50D ... I couldn't even begin to consider the 5D (or 7D!). So I didn't even look at them. I'm no help. That really stinks about the problems with your 40D.

And the similarity between you and your nephew is wild!

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I went from a point and shoot to the 50D agree about just saving up for good lenses. I don't think I could even weigh in on the 7D or 5D until my photography level had maxed out the camera's capabilities (and I am not even close Smile )

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I upgraded from a 40D to a 7D... what a big difference in noise. Although the 7D is not a full frame lens, it still works well with my lenses L and EFs. But if you have the money, hands down I would get the 5DII although I have no experience with it. Couldn't justify to get a $2k camera to my husband.

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"EL2" wrote:

if you have the money, hands down I would get the 5DII

This is what I think too... When I do upgrade, I would rather wait longer, and get the 5DII. That is so exciting that you are getting a new camera!