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    Default Canon camera question

    I'm trying to help my SIL who has no photography knowledge whatsoever, pick out a DSLR for my brother for his birthday. We've decided that we want a Canon for two reasons: she can only afford about $600, and as far as entry level DSLRs, I know Nikon only takes certain lenses (correct me if I'm wrong), and we also believe he has a few manual Canon lenses laying around from a long time ago.
    That being said, I am a Nikon user, so I really have no knowledge about the entry level Canons. I'm finding the XT and XSi to be around her price range--just wondering your thoughts on the two, and if there are any more out there that I'm missing.
    Thanks for any info you can give me.

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    i think the XT and XSI are great entry level dslr's and cheaper than other dslr's too. I know nothing of them though. I orginally asked DH for an XTI and we ended up going for the 40D which I love good luck finding one!

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    if he already has lenses like for sure get that brand (yes Nikon takes difference lenses than Canon but there are lots out there)

    Prob if he is into photography or wants to get back into it I would give him a gift card for a camera store and let him choose. Had I known more about photography (and that dh was going to buy me a camera) I would have chosen different one and I def would have bought body only and purchased a lens separate b/c my kit lens sucks
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