cant hold it in any longer!

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cant hold it in any longer!

Nope not pregnant lol!
The month of may was pretty bad for me. We lost one of our best family friends. He did not have much family so we WERE his family spending every Christmas, Holiday, and birthday with him. He was very close with all of my kids, my inlaws, and dh and I but most close with Tyson my 8 yr old. He made him a change jug that said TOUCH MY CHANGE ILL CHANGE UR FACE. He told Tyson to save all year and in summer he was going to match whatever Tyson had:(
He always believed in me in my photography and talked about so many ideas to help me start up a buisness one day. He had his own buisness and knew all the things I did not.
We found out he had a heart attack and being the closest people to him we were the ones who had to clean out his place which was so hard on dh cause even thou he was much older than us, they were best friends. The one thing I said I wanted when I was there was a picture frame. I didnt care what it looked like but I wanted a frame to use if I ever opened up a studio I could put in memeory of Terry inside of it.
The next week was mothers day. I was still so out of it but neded to do something to get my mind sane for a bit.
Jasmin had her best girlfriend and her girlfriends brother outside playing. I know their mom but we only say hi and by and talk when her daughter translates (sp?) cause I dont speak spanish. Anyways, I told her to run home since her mom was gone and get some nice clothes so we could do a photo shoot for her mom since mothers day was a few days away.
They did and we went out and got some real cute shots of them. I had them make a sign saying happy mothers day and we took a shot of them holding it. I got the pics developed and placed them in vellum with a bow to give to their mom for mothers day.
The day after she came over crying saying thankyou so much. She was speaking a little english but all I heard was... my friend, pictures, your number. I said yes thinking she wanted me to do some shots for one of her friends.
The next day I was called by a guy ( a friend of hers) telling me he got my number from her. He said he owned his own studio 15 min away from my home and was looking for an assistant!!!! Even better he only needed me on the weekends for weddings and events. I was over the moon excited but told him although I shoot in full manual I am horrible at editing. He said no problem he will teach me!!!
My sister said it was good karma, I took the pictures cause I was feeling so yucky about Terry and I just wanted to do something nice for someone and now this amazing opportunity came out of it.
Yesterday I was in the studio to go over wedding pics from the weekend. He had a little girl come in for some shots so he went over the lighting with me! It went good and after he thanked me for my help he gave me photoshop! He wants me to install it in my computer and then I will go in and were going to go over it together! (and I JUST bought lightroom last week!) I was going to take a class for this and now to have 1 on 1 help its just awesome!
It may be silly but I feel like in some way Terry is still there with me helping me. I took the pictures of my daughters friends cause he loved when I took pictures and it just made me think of him and out of that came this! I really miss him but it just drives me more to learn more and really make this happen one day and fill in that frame!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's passing. ((((HUGS))))) I have had some very close friends like that (basically family, for all intents and purposes) and I know those types of friendships can be so close, and it can be so difficult to lose a friend like that.

That's so cool about your daughter's friends and their mom, and so cool that it turned into something so much more than just a kind deed! Congratulations!

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Sorry to hear about your friend, I do know what it's like to lose a friend like that.

I am glad that even though he is gone he is inspiring you, and that it has lead to a great opportunity. Congrats!

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Can't wait to watch you grow and learn more, Tia. I think you've already grown a lot. This is a great opportunity and I think you deserve it. Good job!

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What an amazing opportunity!

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. (((HUGS)))

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So sorry to hear about your friend!

What an awesome opportunity!

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Thanks girls for both, caring about my friend and for being excited for me. It means alot:)

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So sorry for your loss. But wow, what an awesome story! Congrats on finding someone to teach you personally... That's my dream!