Canvas pictures...

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Canvas pictures...

I am curious. I want to see some canvas pictures if you don't mind posting them. I want to see what pictures you chose to print on canvas. Thanks!

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I took these with my point and shoot, so please excuse the quality (and don't tell my camera) I felt like I was cheating! LOL

This is the only real canvas in my house....the big one of Nathan and his Daddy. We decided on that picture because it was the one that got me hooked on photography and really made me want to persue this hobby.

I needs a frame.

This next picture, I'm regretting now that I didn't get this on Canvas. This is on styrene...and it just is nowhere NEAR as nice as the canvas. The photo is supposed to be matte, and has a pebble finish on it, but there is often glare on the photo. YUCK!

Suggestion...if you are going to print BIG...pring on canvas:

PS. Hey...check out that AWESOME selective coloring on my wedding photo on the mantle! LOL!!! It's SOOOOO 2003. teeheeheehehe

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I love your arrangement of photos, Amber. And the canvas looks awesome!

I don't have anything to add.. nothing I've taken has ever been canvas worth yet. Lol
Are you thinking of ordering a canvas soon, El?