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Catching up...

Sorry I have been MIA. I see so many posts and trying to catch up. The Fall challenge is so great! I love seeing everybody's take on this season. I wish we had more fall colors here. It's still very much green, although it is a bit nippy out.

Oh, and just in case anyone is interested, I am selling my Canon 40D. You can PM me for more details!

I will share some snaps, soon!

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It's fine. We all go through times! Hope to see some stuff from you soon! Thinking of you! We don't have the gorgeous fall colors yet either.....

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I totally understand that!

Our fall is finally arriving. Seemed to start slow, and now BOOM! All of the leaves are changing. Although, that's not really true, over half of the leaves are still green. There's so much color mixed in though that it really looks like fall.

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everyone should move here, we have the most stunning fall colors this year (this is my first year in IN so it may actually be every year, im not sure yet) but YAY welcome back ((HUGS))

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fall? what the heck is fall? it's either hot, hotter, too dang hot, or almost hot when it comes to the seasons around here. Beee

I'm glad to see you back though!