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CC 1 photo please

Hello, I am mainly looking for cc on this B&W conversion but feel free to comment on anything. I attempted a high contrast conversation here and would like some feedback. Also, vignette or no? This was part of doing some baptism pics for a friend. His left arm is bugging me, but its the best one I he had his head turned or arms up!

1. Alex Baptism 3 BW WEB

2. Alex Baptism 4 BW WEB

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I think it could use a TAD more black/contrast, but looks pretty good otherwise. I definitely prefer without the vignette. Great shot--the arm doesn't bother me at all--lets you know that it's a baby there, not just a floating head. Smile

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That is just a really beautiful shot for a baptism. What a lovely idea -- really special. I prefer it without the vignette too, and I think the left arm is just fine as is. Can't comment on conversion too much, as I'm no good with that stuff.

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The conversion is bright, but I am a fan of it. I like the first edit the best. Great pose!

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I like you conversion, but might up th eblacks a tad. I prefer no vignette

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I agree more contrast, no vignette.

LOVE the shot though.