CC 6 recent pics (NEW EDITS POST #7)

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CC 6 recent pics (NEW EDITS POST #7)

I am hoping there is a little improvement on these. Of course, they are just my kids again. It's been super rainy here, which really sucks. I haven't been able to practice much. :confused: I did however get permission from one of our local wineries to take photos at their location! It's gorgeous, so I am looking forward to doing that! Hit me hard ladies!

1) Does the other leg missing bother you much?! Wink
ISO- 320

2) What could I have done to improve on this one?
ISO- 126

3) Borrowed this chair from my mom- there's a smaller version of in on the last pic!
ISO- 200

4) 1/500
ISO- 400

5) Does the limb chop here bother you? He had socks on, and they just didn't look good in the pic.
ISO -400

6) I know I have mommy goggles, just had to share!
ISO- 320

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sorry! I didn't see this post until now Smile I guess I didn't scroll down far enough. Blum 3

cute kiddos! Biggrin

#1 i like this one Smile it just needs to be brightened a bit I think. Smile and i actually didn't notice her other leg missing until you pointed it out but where is her foot? lol
#2 nice sunset Smile I would have increased your shutter speed a little bit actually. And I would have also stood back a little bit more to get more of I'm guessing your DH and your daughter. Smile
#3 nice chair Smile she is kind of blue though. Easily fixable in PS. Also her eyes are very centered. rule of thirds Biggrin
#4 really cute! i would brighten it up just a tad.
#5 i'm not sure if the limb chop bothers me or if the fact that part of his pants got cut off too. Maybe try a tighter crop if you don't want the feet in there? Smile
#6 that's a cute chair too! slightly underexposed but i know you'd blow out the grass Smile you could always mask it back in if you brightened up the image some.

eta: sorry for the smiley spam! i smile too much when i type. lol

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#1 is a bit underexposed, but I tend to go towards the light and airy feel. what a cute expression!
#2 definately speed up your shutter! I would have put it prob about 200 or so to get a star effect.
#3That is an awesome chair! I would like to see more of your cutie here tho, seems as tho she is hunched a bit over. I know its hard to get kids to STAY put tho! lol
#4 is so sweet! love the comp, just brighten and add a bit of contrast imo
#5 seems a bit awkward, but I love his expression! again, brighten and add contrast on this one too, imo

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I agree with the cc you've had so far. That chair is great though and how awesome that you have permission to shoot at a winery. Can't wait to see those! Your kids are too cute!

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yeah Sadie! I see so much improvement already!!! whoo hoo!! and I can't wait to see what you do at the winery.

1. the missing leg didn't bother me until you mentioned it Lol I think you could have used a slightly slower SS on this one, she seems almost underexposed. but really, I think it's nice

2. you needed to play more with your AP ... that's a really high ap (small hole). my camera doesn't even go that high!!! I think if you had gone to something like f/22 and then gone faster on the SS, you would have gotten the look you were going after.

3. that chair rocks! I love this photo of Ruthie, what a little beauty! she does look cool to me. play with the crop so the photo meets the rule of thirds, she is too centered. but I think this is great!

4. what a cutie! I think he's underexposed here, but you can brighten him in PP

5. change the crop ... crop him right below his fingertips so the foot chop isn't a big deal. he's a cutie! brighten this one too, it's also underexposed.

6. this is cute too! I don't like how the light/shadow cuts through the back of her head though.

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Thanks for the cc ladies. I will do my best to re-crop Randy. It was a hard one, but I will try to crop right below the fingers.

As for Ruthie being cool in the chair- I don't know exactly how to fix that one. It's b/c of that leotard she has on. It was hard to edit, and I hardly did anything to it. She had on flip flops and they didn't look good, so that's why I cropped it that way.

Maybe I should upload the SOOC and let you ladies play. I don't have a great editing program...just a crappy version of Paint Shop Pro.

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I tried to edit according to your CC. I couldn't fix the one in the tutu. I couldn't get it any warmer. I think I gave up before I could figure it out. I did find a crop I liked better, but I forgot to burn it to the cd to upload today...oh well. I am pretty darn sure I oversharpened the ones of Randy. Darn it. They didn't look that way on my home computer which totally sucks.
New edits are on the left, original edits on the right.

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I like the new edits

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LOVE # 3