CC on a few if you don't mind please!

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CC on a few if you don't mind please!

Hey ladies! It's been a while since I have posted anything with my real camera! I took my kids out yesterday. It was still too sunny, but I found a decently shaded area. I went with it b/c we had to walk in a lot of tall weeds, and there were ticks, and I was afraid of snakes. I didn't want to just quit, so I made my kids suffer! Smile Ruthie wasn't happy, and Randy actually was more willing. On the way back to the house, while I was carrying the tub, Randy stepped in a FRESH pile of cow poo. Let's just say I got a work out carrying him back to the house. I am not going in that field again for a while! Whew! Now, here's some pics!

ALL settings were 1/500, f/3.2, ISO- 250. We were literally taking photos for about 5 minutes!


DSC_0065_web by sadieruth, on Flickr


DSC_0089-web by sadieruth, on Flickr


DSC_0086_web by sadieruth, on Flickr


DSC_0082_web2 by sadieruth, on Flickr

5. I feel like this one is the best with color. What are your thoughts?

DSC_0079_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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I just have a second but wanted to say I LOVE these!! OMG, you may have inspired me to get my tired butt out of bed and get behind my camera again. Smile The only thing that is popping out at me quickly is in 2,3 and 4 there is a weed that is just to the left of their heads that is distracting my eye a bit. Love these though--I love the tub!!

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I love these! Great location and beautifully done. Love the tub!

I do think the colour is best on the last one, and my only nitpicky CC would be that compositionally I like the ones of Ruthie a little better. Some of the ones of Randy seem to have a touch too much foreground and his head is too high, somehow.

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Sadie - you are getting really good!!! I love these so I am going to be a little tough on CC.

1. Love their expression. I don't like Ruthie's position of her legs, as you are shooting at her crotch. You can see if you can try and crop their half bottom out #4 her pose is better. Background is a bit bright for me and they are having to compete with it. If you can try and maybe burn the background a bit and maybe they will pop out more. Skin tone is a bit grayish, I would warm up a tad.

2. Background is better. I would clone out that weed or stem coming out of his head and the bright spots in the back. I agree about it having too much foreground, I don't think it necessary. Again skin tone is looking slightly gray - play with the curves layer and add red and yellow.

3. I like his expression here than 2. In 2 it looks like you caught him mid-way doing something. But in this picture looks like he didn't make eye contact. Same CC as above.

4. One of my favorite. Posing is better, not liking the background tho. I think for the most part the green in all the picture is close to being neon, I think you can darken/burn.

5. This is my first favorite. Posing is nice. I would have love to see more room on top and less at the bottom. Try and darken the green so he can pop out more.

Great job on these, I really enjoyed looking thru them!!!

I also played with the last photo, I hope you don't mind - it's private on my flickr. I can take it down if you like.

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I like them all too! I do think color is best in #4 and 5; the first 3 seem green to me. And I prefer the deeper darks in 4 and 5 too. The first 3 seem slightly washed out.

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Whoaah! I am at work and my monitor here is not calibrated and the picture I posted looks really washed out. Hopefully, that doesn't look like that for you.

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I'm sorry I haven't got to these yet! I feel like I'm never on the computer anymore. Good and bad thing, I guess, since I'm keeping the kids busy Wink I want to CC these, but I'm on the laptop at the moment, and I know the color and brightness are totally off on it. But I did want to say that I LOVE #3!!! He just looks so natural and relaxed. I loved the comparison you posted on fb from the past 3 years. They're great!

I'm totally leery about the snakes around here. I'm not letting the kids play in the green space in our backyard right now. Someone Drew works with found a copperhead inside their house recently!!! Then, the kids and I saw a snake on the bike trail in our neighborhood. He was just hanging out basking. We couldn't go the other way, so I had to try to get it off the path. Then we quickly went past it. I didn't get a really good look at it since I had the kids with me, so I'm not sure what kind it was. Brown is about all I noticed Wink I'm just glad that Drew wasn't there. He probably would have screamed like a girl and given the kids a complex LOL!

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Thanks ladies. I will work with these some more. I noticed the weed after I posted these and made a mental note! LOL! I will work with the first three some more. El- Ruthie wasn't cooperative at all, so that was honestly the best one I got of them two together! Frustrating! Thanks for the play. I see what I need to work on now. Steph- I giggled when you said Drew would have screamed like a girl! Bahahah! I HATE snakes. I am more like Drew in that sense!