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    Thanks Gigi!

    I am actually going to buy a reflector soon! I went to a workshop and the photographer who was giving it was telling me about them. Got to get one soon! Is there one you recommend? He was telling me about a 6 in 1 that he uses. I can't remember the name or brand he uses!

    On the 2nd I think I was pretty close if I remember correctly. The side of that tracks kind of went down in a ditch where there was water so I couldn't get to far away from her. Maybe 5 feet or so from her! I can't really remember! I think thats why her eblow and finger got chopped out the picture b/c I didn't crop this any.
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    Sorry ladies, I didn't have anything to share for my day this week. Both my children were unwell and the rest of the week was so hectic I didn't get the camera out. We are on holidays now though so I should have something for my day next week.

    Steph, you've nailed focus in this image. Great colour and love the catch lights.

    Nichole, Gigi gave you great CC. Just wanted to add that #3 looks a bit too saturated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NicholeC View Post
    Here is a few more recent pictures of mine.

    f/ 1.8 1/3200 ISO-800 Shot with my 50mm
    f/1.8 1/4000 sec ISO-400 shot with my 50mm

    f/8 1/320 sec ISO-1600
    Here is my CC. I had one I already wrote up but when I hit reply it got deleted. You have really grown! Great job on these.

    1. Great portrait, the bright sky seems to be competing with her. I think if you can clone some tree/leaves it would work best. Smile is a bit force to my liking but its good.

    2. Watch out for those limbs when you are cropping. The crop feels tight here. She seem over saturated, the blue is really intense.

    3. I would reduce the vignette. Also play around with the contrast and saturation. The grass is looking neon. Watch out for those limbs again.
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    I'm so sorry I'm just now getting to this, Nichole! I've been a bit stressed lately, and haven't really been in the right mind to CC much.

    #1 is my favorite of the bunch. I'd brighten her just a tad, and maybe try to burn the sky a bit.

    #2 just has the limb chops, but otherwise very nice

    I like the casual pose on #1. The vignette is a little strong for me, and I wish we could have all of their legs in the photo. Maybe a portrait orientation would have worked a little better.
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