CC Group Week 6

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CC Group Week 6

Just kicking this off for the week. I have an idea for a shoot I'd like to do w/ Logan this week that he might actually be game to try. Smile I sure hope I can squeak out the time.

But for everyone else, here is this week's thread!


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Here are a couple I have taken this week

A friends husband from high school needed some pictures for his album that is coming up. This may be his album cover!

f 4 1/60 ISO 800

His wife and him. The only thing I don't like in this picture is his hand on her belly. Makes it look like a maternity picture!

f 4 1/60 ISO 400

A engagement shoot picture

f 4.5 1/200 ISO-800

1 year old photoshoot. I think this one I may have used the flash.
f4 1/200 sec ISO - 100

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I'm kind of MIA this week! Hubby is on vacation, so I've had limited computer time!

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I missed my day last week and might this week too. I've had / got sick kidlets

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Steph ... that's a GREAT REASON to be absent from the board, imho! Hope you guys are enjoying your time together.

Gemma ... that is NOT a fun reason to be away. Poor dears! I hope they are on the mend soon.

Nichole ... How cool that you've been out there shooting so much lately! These are AWESOME!

1. I love the blue theme! In fact, since this is likely to be album art, I love everything about it. The texture of the wall, the bright over all look. If think if it IS going to be used for the album you could go further with the color saturation. While it wouldn't look quite right for a typical portrait, you can get away with a bolder look for something like an album/CD cover. There seems to be a bright spot on his knee (the one that is raised) and the shoe/sock on the leg on which he's standing, but I don't know if that is my monitor (as usual, I'm here at work). Even if it is not just my monitor, I think it could be toned down pretty easily.

2. I agree w/ you about his hand placement. I'd like to see them holding hands or his hand on her hip. I love the environment here , it frames them nicely. Exposure looks pretty good. Like in #1, her shirt looks a touch bright, but take that w/ a grain of salt - it could be my monitor. Hopefully someone else will comment on it. Despite the hand on belly, I'll bet they love this one (I would!).

3. For an engagement photo, they don't look very "connected." It's hard to put into words for me. I love the setting and think it would be a fun place to do engagement photos, but this pose isn't saying "true love" to me. I think I'd like to see her turned on an angle, where she is not squared off to you. Maybe the two of them kissing around the corner of the rail car just behind them (if that's safe) ... kinda like when a couple peeks around a tree trunk. Also, ar her eyes closed? It's hard to tell at this size.

4. if you used the flash here, then GREAT JOB using it for fill light! I lvoe the bright feel of this shot and am amazed that his face isn't completely in shadow. I'd like to see this one with a slightly tighter crop. The area is really pretty, but I think Mr Cutie gets a little lost in the frame. That's a nit pick though b/c I really like this one.

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see what you'll have for us next week. Biggrin

I may be a day late in my share. Logan and I didn't get out for our shoot, but I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow. *fingers crossed* If not, maybe I'll make it next week.