cc maternity picture please

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cc maternity picture please

My best friend since jr. high came into town and she let me take some maternity pictures of her. I really like this picture and have put some editing work into it. I burned the background so that it was even black and not wrinkled looking. I also put her through portrait professional to help with that lovely pregnancy mask. I would love some cc on my edit, pose, lighting, everything. Thank you.
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Stephanie ...

I think you are off to a great start here! Good job on the burning - the background looks nice and even. And It doesn't look like you went too heavy w/ the portrait professional - I would not have known if you hadn't mentioned it. She looks very natural.

I would like to have seen her in a different color shirt - something that would stand out against the background. Or perhaps add a light behind her to create that separation. I think you did a pretty good job here as I can clearly see where her shirt ends and the background ends, but I think it would be even better w/ a contrasting color. Also, I think you could have composed it just a little different. I would like for her hair to not be chopped off and you have a little room below her hands where you could raise the frame just a little and not risk a finger chop.

Great job though and I'll bet she is thrilled with it. Might make a really nice b&w conversion as well. Smile