CC my Christmas card please

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CC my Christmas card please

We had an unusually warm day today, so I dressed up my girls and went out for a few shots...hoping to get a few for our Christmas card this year.
I plan on printing on pearl paper from WHCC. This is my first time making my OWN template to use as my card...normally I just go the cheap route and send them off for someone else to do. Please let me know your thoughts!



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I think you did an awesome job!! I love the colors.

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Beautiful, love the design and the colors.

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Looks great! I did ours on pearl paper last year for Christmas and got a ton of compliments! It will go great with the purple and grey.

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Really beautiful colors! Nice job. I have to check out the pearl paper; it sounds so pretty.

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Love this!! The colour is AMAZING!

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really nice! Smile love the colors!

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Those colors are GREAT!

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Love it!!!!

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absolutely LOVE the colors! great job!

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Amazing job, I love the non-traditional colours.