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CC my website ...

I spent a good part of yesterday working on my photography website. I wanted to know if anything stuck out as needing a change. I can't move the "About Me" section ... at least not easily. That's the one thing I wish I had done differently (put it before the Contact section). But other than that, how does this look for a starting point?

I do plan on buying a "real" site down the road. I actually started this one with print prices as a goal (not to list, but to show starting prices) but I realized I can't go there yet. I'm going to continue with the session fee and then have the clients order from mpix. I lost all of the work I did on my prices (collections, a la cart, and digital) last month, and I can't redo it right now. I'm not in a position to fully launch yet, but I'm keeping the higher session fees in order to make it worth my time to some degree. I do want to make this a business, and I hope to get the prices all lined up. I need to file as an LLC, just wasn't ready to pay the fees yet (as my DH isn't fully on board, and I feel like once I pay those fees there's no turning back).

There's a lot on my mind right now ... I want to do this, but I have to focus on my family too and they don't appreciate the time this takes. Sad Meanwhile, I'm slowly moving forward, not rushing into anything, but I really wanted a site to be on the road to being more real. Does that even make sense?


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i think your site looks great and I think your about me is before the contact section? maybe you changed it last minute but i think your site looks pretty good Smile

and moving forward slowly is good. take it slow. don't rush. Smile i know i'll be like you in a year or two! it's going to take me awhile.

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Your site looks great to me.

I agree with Loida, take your time. I always thought I would never go into business but dh is the one actually encouraging me to give it a try. I told him it was something I would consider when the kids were older and less dependent on me.

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I think your site looks great! The about me is before the contact section, so I guess that's not an issue.

I wish you lived closer to me - your session fees are not high at all compared to the folks here. Smile

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Gwen, I love your site. (I'm putting together a wix one too, great resource! Lol Good luck in getting the business going and i think it's ok to take your time and not rush into it too fast. Smile

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"connorsmum" wrote:

I always thought I would never go into business but dh is the one actually encouraging me to give it a try. I told him it was something I would consider when the kids were older and less dependent on me.

I wish my husband was that way ... Sad

as far as the about me, I meant that I wanted it immediately to the left of the contact part. it was late when I typed this so I wasn't making as much sense as usual. Wink but I think it's good where it is now.

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Gwen, it looks wonderful! Great choices of background, fonts, and layout. Looks very polished. Smile

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Grrr, it won't load for me. I don't think it's an issue since I'm at work, I usually get a restricted message when that happens. Hopefully it will load when I get home.

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I really like it! I like your selection of sample images - there's a good variety there!

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I think it looks great! My only qualm, and it's a personal one, is the choice of Investment. I just personally don't like is. I know the reason and I know it's to show that the client is using their money to not just buy a product, but to invest their money in memories/images. But, it's just not my cup of tea Smile

I love the layout and colors. The gallery is nice, because I can move the images at my own pace.

I'm so sorry your DH isn't as supportive as you'd like. That really stinks! I would be completely dejected and saddened if my DH wasn't supportive. I hope he comes around for you.

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I think it looks great. The link order looks fine to me. I dont see why you should change it any. The pics are great (I hadnt seen the one with the naked booty baby and the bears.. soo cute!) Very clean site.

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i think it looks perfect! i love your variety of images, very good choices Smile

Also my hubby isnt exactly the supportive kind either, so i want to send you some (((HUGS))), I know it's hard Sad You are very talented and I can definitely see you in business Smile

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thanks everyone!

Jennifer - I actually had it initially called "pricing" but when I took the prints/digital images off the price list and left just a session fee, I changed it to investment.

"fudd8963" wrote:

Grrr, it won't load for me. I don't think it's an issue since I'm at work, I usually get a restricted message when that happens. Hopefully it will load when I get home.

you have to have Flash installed to view it, maybe that's why it's not coming up

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Looks good. For your gallery, I would categorize them, so that they are bunched up together (e.g. family, children, babies, etc.).

Here is the CC on the pictures in your gallery (I am on uncalibrated monitor so I will CC color minimally), if you are going to keep this format as your gallery,

1 - I would not put this picture as your first one, since it is not your strongest. Shows pictures of peoples back, I don't feel a connection to the picture or family.

7 - Baby with overall looks a bit magenta

8 - looks cool

10 - looks cool, her skin look a bit too bright.

12 - I would remove this, such uncomfy set up.

13 - I would put this as your first picture

14 - looks snapshotty

15 - looks soft

19 - you have a lot of blown spot to the right

22 - looks to have a green cast (probably due to background)

27 - I would burn the black

32 - I would put this more towards the front

Hope this helps!

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thanks for such great feedback El! I made some changes, but don't have time to edit all of the ones you suggested. But I wrote them down, and they're on my to do list. I did rearrange. I also uploaded a different version of the family bed shot (I cloned out the picture frames that were above them).

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Hey Gwen!
I took some time at work today (Shhhh don’t tell) to really go through your site and offer some detailed CC. I know that is something I really value so I hope it is helpful.

I like the layout and template you used. Very simple and classy.

I think I would have used a stronger image on your investment page… maybe something with eye contact?

On the Contact page I am wondering about a different crop on the sunflare. The colorful sunspot and line are a little distracting.

In the Gallery I noticed right away that three are 3-4 photos of people from the back or walking away. I would eliminate one, or at least space them out in the order of pictures. I think I would also eliminate the photo of the girl with the sucker… there is really nothing about it that draws you in. Same thing with the girl on the wicker bench in the tall grass. The boy in the white sweater looks uncomfortable and forced smile. Some that I personally like are your 2 kids walking away, overall baby smiling, bride and groom, boy with braces looking up, boy hugging tree and baby with blue blanket.

I would suggest putting several of your strongest images at the beginning of the gallery. The ones that make people say WOW!

I like the idea of taking things really slow. I also have hope of pursuing photography as more than just a hobby someday, but I still feel I have SO much to learn J. The wix site I have is just a hobby site, (plus it is just older stuff from my point and shoot)… but I am excited to start building a “business” site eventually.

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Overall site design looks GREAT, Gwen! I think it will serve you well.

I didn't get a chance to do anything more than skim through the gallery, but I see you've already gotten some good feedback there.

I'm sorry Rich isn't being more supportive. That does complicate matters. I hope you can strike a balance that works for everyone.


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I LOVE it Gwen! I think you did a great job. Simple and to the point. Great choice of pics!

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thanks for the detailed CC, Beth. Definitely will make some changes based on your recommendations. Smile

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