CC please! 3 Recent sessions

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CC please! 3 Recent sessions

I have been soooo busy editing! I have failed to reply to all these and I PROMISE I will try to soon! I am overwhelmed at the moment. I am needing another pair of eyes here! Hit me up ladies!

1. 1/250 ,ISO-640, f/3.2

DSC_0194_b&w_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

2. Couldn't choose, B&W or color? Info is probably the same as above. Same girl, same spot, just a change of a shirt.

b&w or colorweb by sadieruth, on Flickr

3. 1/160, ISO-400, f/2.8

DSC_0603_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

4. 1/250, ISO-500, f/3.2

DSC_0493_edit1_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

5. 1/350, ISO-2000, f/5

DSC_2075_edit2_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

6. 1/500, ISO-2000, f/3.2

DSC_2093_edit1_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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I saw these on FB.....#4 is gorgeous!! My definite favorite.

#1 I love the conversion, clarity, and light; but I am not a fan of the comp/angle.

#2 I really like these (I prefer the color), except that the angle of the structure in front of her isn't straight. Not sure if that matters but it makes my eyes keep going there.

#3 is gorgeous but I am not a fan of hands hovering by the face.


#5 I think it would maybe be more flattering if her vest was pulled straight down over her chest. But otherwise great photo!

#6 very cute and pretty. White headpiece looks blown?

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These are GREAT, Sadie! You're really rocking it these days!

I really like #1. Normally I don't like that kind of sharp angle too much, but it's really nicely done here and her expression is perfect. Nice conversion too.

#2 - I prefer the colour. (I'm beginning to realize I really like colour more often than not; one of the few who does, I guess.) Nice pose, nice, if very gentle, smile.

#3 - I waffle about liking the hands or not. At first, I wondered what she was doing (talking on a cell was my first thought), but when I realized she wasn't doing anything, I liked it just because the hands seem to create an interesting mood/feel. But I do think usually people are going to look at it with the initial thought being, "What is she doing?" just like I did... The eyes are GORGEOUS in this, and such lovely light here too.

#4 is excellent! Perfectly composed for this type of shot. I do find the brightness at the very end of the pathway a tad distracting, but that was only after I started looking for things to CC, really. It's a really beautiful shot.

#5 - The mom is going to love this! I hadn't thought of it, but agree with what Amy said about the vest. I also wish the wall didn't show in this one and in #6. The background is so nice, the wall detracts from it for me.

#6 is super cute! I did notice the visible part of the t-shirt says "irls rock", which did catch my attention initially! But that's only due to being in the "super-nitpicky" mode because these pics are so well done!!!

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Thank you so much ladies. I agree that #1 was an odd angle. The light was difficult to work with at that moment, but I went with it. How's the conversions?
#2- the reason it isn't straight is b/c it's a bridge with arches, and that's where it starts to curve. IDK if that can be fixed in PSE by me! LOL!
#3- I agree, I am not 100% set on this one. She is a very high up there senior and I was SHOCKED when they asked me to do them. I tried to do more modely poses b/c that's what they were looking for. I have only edited two from that session....tons more to edit!
#4 agree about the bright light, but IDK how to fix that. I have burned it but it didn't burn enough...any thoughts?
#5. Mom is very large chested. I wish I would have thought about it before the shot. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the girls and don't focus on the parent. Just something I need to learn to do.
#6- I agree about the white headpiece, I will look into that.

Thanks so much ladies! I appreciate the CC! Smile

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These are great Sadie.

Just a couple of thought.

1. Watch your whites. The whites of her eyes are too white.
2. Check the white of her shirt. It might just need masking back if you applied some type of brightening or contrast - the detail is getting lost. I would have shot her slightly more 45 degree from where she is at - to get her hand and get the arch/bridge not chopping her.
3. Her arms are too bright.
4. My favorite of the bunch. You might want to check saturation - something funky going on with her shirt. Also, I would try and darken the far end of the picture.
5. I think this might be the least of my favorite - just because it is an unflattering position for her. Also, the building doesn't make add to the picture.
6. Cute - watch your blacks.

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Sadie you have hit great CC and I don't really have anything to add. I just wanted to say I really like #1 even though I normally don't like angle shots. Also, these show that you have grown a lot in the past year ( I can only say past year as that is how long I have been coming here regularly ).

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GREAT job on these, Sadie! I agree that you really have grown by leaps and bounds lately!

#1 - I quite like this. Conversion looks nice and her eyes look great. Nice light in them and the focus is spot on.

#2 - She is looking a little cool in the skin to me. I like this, but agree about the angle. Maybe it would have been better if there were a little more room in the comp? Not sure.

#3 - Her arm is looking too bright. This one looked a little off color wise on my phone, but looks ok on the computer. I just would have liked to see her elbows in the frame.

#4 - Very nice!!! Love the pose. I agree about the brightness in the back, but it's not a dealbreaker. She's going to love it. I would maybe just brighten her skin just a smidgen.

#5 - My least favorite, unfortunately. I think this pose could have worked for mom if you were up higher. It looks as if you were shooting up on her, but straight on the kids.

#6 - So cute! I love these types of shots! Not your fault, but I don't like the ****s with the writing on them. I think I know why mom picked them, but it's distracting for an "outsider".

ETA: LOL!!! Looks like I didn't type "shirts" correctly. I thought I'd leave it in there for a laugh Wink