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CC please

50mm 1/125 2.2 ISO 400

After reading the ILP discussion on RGB colors and how to correctly adjust color I took some snaps of my DD.

I'd like some CC on the color but also on the focus.

What I did with this picture, and do with most, is choose to focus on the inner corner of one of her eyes. In this one, you maybe can tell it is on the right eye (her left). Is this the correct way to focus? I just feel like other parts of her face aren't as sharp and thought maybe I was doing it wrong, so figured I'd ask.

Thanks. Smile

Here is the link to the larger size picture on Flickr:

Also, wanted to mention that I sharpened for print but not for web.

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I'm uncalibrated here at work, so take that w/ a grain of salt. When it comes to color, she looks slightly green to me. Might dial that back a bit. But remember ... I'm not calibrated here. I'll check again when I get home today.

Maybe it's b/c you didn't sharpen for web, but her face does seem a TOUCH soft. Not sure though. 2.2 is pretty hard to nail. But it appears SO CLOSE that I'm not sure it's just the fact that you didn't sharpen for the web.

Regardless ... it's a really cute shot of a beautiful little lady. LOVE the sweet grin and she has such lovely eyes.


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I am calibrated and I'm seeing green. But just a little. And her eyes look sharp to me, I'd sharpen for web and then see how she looks online. Does she seem soft in the full version?

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Adorable! I think just a touch of sharpening but also warm up the skin just a bit maybe...I know her tone is naturally pale though right?

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Ok, I went into levels and moved the green slider to the right to .95. Is that what I should do to remove green? Add magenta like that? Here is the edit and sharpened:

Also, she is soft in the full version as well. It's really not that bad really, but I notice it. Is that because the aperture is at 2.2?

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definitely a better edit. I'd be tempted to add a touch more contrast to the whole image to make it pop.

and according to Damien, adding magenta balances out the green. but I struggle with getting skin right if I can't do it in ACR.

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This better?

So, I guess I do focus correctly by trying to focus on the inner eye?

And thanks everyone for your help! Biggrin

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Your edit looks good to me. She's so cute!!

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Your new edit looks great! Well done! Biggrin