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for CC please

This is my friends little girl Lily, who I did newborn shots for at 4 days old. She is now 7 weeks, 4 days in these pictures.

Worse lighting than last time, I had to have my ISO so high Sad

ISO: 1250 Sad
SS: 1/60
AP: 5.0

With a new edit

ISO: 1250
SS: 1/160
AP: 3.5

ISO: 1600
SS: 1/100
AP: 5.0

Added in a new edit and different crop.... up against each other that first one is sooo magenta but is it that that is making the second one look too yellow cos it is next to it or is it too yellow now Sad

Okay and just for comparison, one from the first shoot and one from yesterday with the same teddy. Interested in if you see any improvement in both photography and/or editing

and another I just edited too Biggrin


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Great, great catchlights on these. One thing I learned about black background and people with dark hair is that they tend to blend together. A hair light would have helped or a different background. Overall her skin color is different in each picture.

#1 - She looks a tad yellow. I think you could have lowered you AP and up your SS and lower your ISO a bit. Your picture doesn't look soft at all for having such a low SS.

#2 - I think her skin color here looks better. I like the eye contact and great way in using the bear to cover her up, down there... Smile

#3 - She looks too magenta.

I definitely see imporvement on the second picture. The first one looks washed out.

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catchlights, focus awesome. love the tiny mirror
can't help with skin tone but they do seem different in most. You'll def need to find another background for the next time. The hair is completely blended so it looks like she as a weird deformed head.

Oh and you're def getting better, yay for all the practice, I need some myself.
Editing you need to work on skin tone (but I'm a kettle calling pot black here, I have no skin tone skills)

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Cazz, i really like the catchlights, and i think your focus is really good in all of them. Just your skintones seem somewhat off, are you using a grey card? It really helps to set a custom white balance...i still have to tweak mine even when i do one, but not nearly as much as when i don't.

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Jealous of the practice you're getting!! I wish I knew people with LOs to photograph.

I ditto what others have said. GREAT catch lights, great focus. I'm not digging the black background. Seems like the baby's dark hair blends too much into the black (especially in #2) My fav is #1. Great eyes and expression. I don't really like the head chop comp of #3. In the comparison pic, I like the second. It looks like it's better exposed.

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What cute pics! You have already gotten lots of cc, but just wanted to mention that I think you are improving! Mom is going to love these! Love the comparison shot as well!

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You are so improving! I can't comment on skintones b/c I suck with skintones, but I want to say that I love #1 & 3 with the little mirror!