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CC please :)

Hi, I haven't posted for CC since the very first time I posted so thought I would put this out there. Let me know what I could change- I see many Robins (or other birds) in my future since my little boy won't look anywhere near my camera at the moment haha. TIA Smile

Exposure 1/25
Aperture f/5.6
ISO 100

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Was this handheld? The main thing I see is your shutter speed is pretty low. Handheld- I try to keep mine above 1/150. Focus is pretty good though with 1/25! Great bokeh!

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no CC from me, cause its early and I'm super tired, but I just wanted to say that I really like this. It puts a smile on my face. What a cute little birdie Smile

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Sadie hit the nail on the head. The shutter speed is WAY too slow. When you look at the large version of the photo on flickr, you can see that there is definitely lots of hand shake blur.

Your focal length for this image was 162 which means your shutter speed needs to be at least 1/162, and it's better if you get even much higher than that. I'd stick with 1/200 if at all possible. You had lots of room to bump the ISO to get the shutter speed where it needs to be.

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Thanks ladies- I had the camera on the tripod but I think the blur is because I shot it through a window rather than outside- every time I opened the window it'd fly away lol so I just did it through the glass.

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With a shutter speed that low, you could still have jostled the camera slightly when pressing the shutter depsite using the tripod. Perhaps try a wired or wireless remote. Actually, if you have a wireless remote, set the camera & tripod up outside, place some bird seed, focus in the right spot and wait!

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great suggestion, Kerry! I might try that if I get the chance myself! Goodness knows DS is tired of me and my camera. Wink

It's still a lovely shot with great bokeh, Ana! TFS!


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Amber, you're teaching me lots today Smile Thanks!

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I agree with the CC. Great bokeh though and of course I LOVE the subject!!! Smile could use a touch of contrast maybe too?

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Thanks for the tip Kerry, I do have a wireless- I'll try that next time I spot him hopping around out there.

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very sweet bird. Smile when I am using a low SS, I use the 10 second timer to avoid the camera shake.

since there is already a bit of motion blur, I bet you could play with overlaying a texture to make this a really neat little photo.