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CC Please

I have been very absent here lately. Life has become very busy.

I was wondering if I could get some CC on some photos I have taken recently. I know there are a lot so feel free to pick and choose what you would like to CC. All have had only the most basic of editing (bump to contrast and / or slight curves adjustment at the most) other than the photo of the two girls walking which I tried to fix colour (and apparently now made a little orange). I haven't got much in the way of eye contact. Getting my daughter near a camera at the moment is enough of a struggle (excuses, excuses Wink )

I feel like I have not been growing as a photography so I need to make a more concerted effort to give and receive feedback.

Thank you in advance.

1. FL. 61mm. ISO 320. SS1/100. Av5.6.

05-11-11farm (137)wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

2. FL72mm. ISO320. SS1/320. Av6.3

06-11-11 Warby river (42)wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

3. FL72mm. ISO200. SS1/125. Av5.6

21-11-11 love my children (73)wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

4. FL53mm. ISO200. SS1/100. Av5.6

21-11-11 love my children (94)wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

Or better cropped

21-11-11 love my children (94)wmv2 by Gem_D, on Flickr

5. FL85mm. ISO200. SS1/100. Av5.6

21-11-11 love my children (98)wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

Or cropped?

21-11-11 love my children (98)wmv2 by Gem_D, on Flickr

6. She has a funny look on her face but this is a typical look for her
FL38mm. ISO200. SS1/100. Av5.0

21-11-11 love my children (128)editwm by Gem_D, on Flickr

7. FL85mm. ISO320. SS1/200. Av7.1

KL9494editwm by Gem_D, on Flickr

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You definitely must be in Australia, posting a picture of your daughter in undies at this time of year. Biggrin #1 is really cute!

#2 is really adorable, such a great expression. Overall she looks a bit dark; wondering about doing some editing just to lighten her face up a bit?

#3 is great, though I might suggest f3.2 or something, just to eliminate some of the distraction of the background.

#4 is cute, though it's hard to figure what she's looking at, and it's not a real smile or a real pensive moment, just something in-between, you know?

#5 is adorable and has great catchlights! But you've got a lot of sun right on the top of his head, which draws the eye. It would be better if he were all in the shade.

#6 is very sweet of the two of them. She seems a little dark, but could be lightened up.

#7 is super cute! I think that could use a little lightening up too, and next time I'd try shooting that more open too, again f3.2 or something like that. It's nice to have the distinct line of the path, to draw the eye, so you may not want to blur it out so much that you lose that, but the focus would be stronger on the two of them if the background were less in focus, too.

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I think Tracy got i pretty much spot on (though I am on my work laptop so the colour isn't the greatest).

The pictures are absolutely adorable, don't worry too much about getting your little girl to smile sometimes a pout is just as cute. My youngest (3 at the end of January) only really started allowing me to take her picture again about 1 month ago, and it has to be on her terms and can't take to long, there are clearly more important things than pictures. ROFL

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I think that 1-3 look underexposed, and more like snapshots. I think that #1 is so super cute though! It's hard to tell what she's looking at, because it's so dark. I love that you got a smile and eye contact in #2, but unfortunately, there's no light in her eyes Sad

4-6 look pretty green to me. Your exposure looks much better here, but there are a lot of blown spots in the background. Maybe these were taken midday? The light can be pretty harsh that time of day, even in the shade. You got some very nice light in their eyes in these though! The crop of #5 looks pretty centered if you look at where his eyes are. I understand why you cropped where you did though. So, for this one, I think I like the first crop better. 6 could be brightened a bit. Looks a smidge dark.

The last one look underexposed. Cute how they're holding hands. Is this an in camera crop? If no, you might want to leave a little bit more of the path at the bottom of the image to lead them out of the frame.

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I think you have some great cc. I agree, I see a lot of green in these. Do you shoot in RAW?

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Sadie, yes I shoot in RAW. How would I go about fixing them?

Steph, I noticed the blown areas in the shrubs but wasn't sure what to do about them (short of reshooting). The photos were taken around 5pmand sunset here is 8.30-9pm at the moment.

Thanks ladies. I'm hoping to get a chance to play with these this evening or tomorrow and see if I can fix them. I'm not good at pp so not sure how I'll go.