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CC please

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what's not to love, Cazz!

I love the motion and the carefree feel of this shot. I think the pp does a great job of creating a warm summer moment.

The _only_ thing that jumps out to me (and this is being super duper nit picky) is the joint in the floor board behind her. As it disturbs the otherwise flowing lines, it draws my eye ever so slightly. I wouldn't change it or anything, but it is the one thing that draws my eye away from the lovely young lady.


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Love the feel of this image, Cazz! I do notice the floor, like GiGi. I also feel like the background is 2 different colors. I'm not sure if you did PP to the background or not, but it's almost as if there's a divide between colors pretty much in the middle of the image. This is nit-picky, since it's out of your control, but the shorts stick out a lot. Maybe there was a different background that you could have used to put a bit more color so they didn't pop so much? Not sure. But like I said, it's just nit-picky.

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This is lovely! The movement in the hair and the feel that she's dancing or playing in such a genuine, carefree way is wonderful!

I think I would really have preferred to see it in landscape orientation, without all the space above her head, but the space extending to the right in front of her. I think it would strengthen the 'motion' of the photo, as if she was running or dancing towards something off to the right. It would also make it stronger in terms of the ROT, as right now she's pretty centered. You could probably extend the canvas somehow... a bit trickier with the flooring, but I think still possible?

I agree with GiGi about the crack in the baseboard too; that leapt out to me right away.

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Very cute! the first thing I keep noticing is the floor tilting down to the left, and the "baseboard" molding being uneven...and also, the background (which I have noticed in other pics of yours) has a pink wash over the top half, and however the file was saved, it's creating pixelly-arcs of color in the top half of the photo.

I also agree I would prefer a landscape orientation, although since her hair is a big part of the space on the left, I first thought that having her in the RIGHT third of the photo would be nice, even though she is looking to the camera's right.

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I like it! I love her hair flowing and the innocence of it. The things that jumped out to me were the floor and the background. Not sure what the background is supposed to be, but it looks 2 toned, but also from her face and to the left seems to be another color? Not sure if it's just my monitor. I almost wish she were outside in a field or grass.

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It is very sweet. I agree with the pp. Esp regarding the background and preferring in a landscape orientation

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I agree with all the above. I LOVE this shot!