cc pretty please!

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cc pretty please!

I took these today while we had prospective buyers looking through our house.

I thought that these turned out okay so I'm asking for CC please. My first time posting by Flickr... oh and I just did a watermark from Flickr too cos I was told I really should just in case.

SS - 1/250
AP - f5.6
ISO - 1000 I know... too high right?

SS - 1/250
AP - f5.6
ISO - 1000

SS - 1/250
AP - f5.0
ISO - 1000

Thanks Ladies!

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AWWWWW! What a cutie pie!!! I love them all. You did a great job of getting the eyes super sharp (w/out looking over done). They look PERFECT!!!


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Great shots Cazz! Catchlights are stellar, bokeh is delicious. I'd like to see what happens if you brighten up #1 just a touch. They look great!

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Awesome job on these. My favorite is 2 and 3. The first photo, I wish the ears weren't cut off. Catch lights are awesome.

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I really like the 3rd, but the right side of his face looks a litle bright.
Can't wait to see the edits too. They look good Cazz!!!

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awww, puppy catchlights are so sweet!

the first looks underexposed to me, but I love his little face. the second is lovely! I don't have the cool tool that lets me mouse over and see the color numbers ... but from looking, I'm guessing that the guy's right (our left) cheek is blown, just too much light on that side.

man, that's one high ISO! could you have lowered your AP and then lowered your ISO? I don't see the noise from the high ISO in these small versions, how do they look full size?

good luck with the house sale.