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Checking In

Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in to let you all know I'm still alive! I've been a little frustrated with my photography as of late, and I'm sure it's just the lingering winter that just won't go away. Things are still pretty bare and dead around here, and my children hate my camera, so I haven't done ANY portraits lately. Just complete and total snaps. And my house is a mess, so they're not even any good Wink

I've been pretty run down and un-motivated to do anything but lounge around. Looking forward to my first dr. appointment next week. I think we'll get our first little peek. Again, we're trying to keep it a secret until the gender reveal, so please don't mention anything on FB. My parents are pretty intrusive though, and it seems that an 8 hour drive still isn't enough for them to not want to plan trips to visit. Not sure if I will be able to hide it until July. They have already asked me if I would meet them in Branson in the middle of June...

I have a couple of photo shoots lined up in the next couple of weeks. One this Sunday, and one the Saturday after that. I have lots of people interested, but a lot are on a spending freeze because of owing taxes this year. (We owe as well, and we've ALWAYS had a return, so I guess we're not the only ones). I'm hoping that after getting these two sessions out there on FB, I will get more bookings. I'm REALLY looking forward to getting outside and photographing people who aren't completely tired of seeing the camera. I'm also looking forward to seeing what this camera can actually do. I guess I'm just no good at taking photos indoors, because I see a lot of grain, missed focus, and underexposure. I better get the hang of this before November! I need to try my hand at some newborn photos!

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(((((((BIG HUGS))))))) to you Steph! We all go through periods like this (& so do our kids).

I hope that with warmer, brighter weather and a fresh new set of photo subjects you will be invigorated.

Hang in there - this too shall pass.

And I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that you will be ready for those newborn shots by the fall!


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Sorry you're having a rough time of it, Steph. I almost felt more photography stress when I got my 60D, because the upgrade to that from a point-and-shoot made me feel like people would suddenly be expecting 'wonders' from me and if I didn't deliver, it'd be humiliating or something. If that makes sense. So for a little while, I was quite stressed and down. It doesn't sound like that's quite what you're experiencing, but given that you've never seemed to have a lot of trouble getting your kids to cooperate for some shots, I wonder if there's a little subconscious stress there that you're putting on yourself? Do you think?

At any rate, you are so gifted and such a wonderful photographer, I have no doubt either that you will get out of the doldrums, get some willing models, get used to the camera, and be producing some wonderful images in no time!

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I was wondering where you were. We all go thru a rut once in awhile. You will get the bug again I am sure after you do your shoot this weekend. Hope to see some shots from you soon!:)

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Thanks for the kind words, ladies.

Tracy, I think I have a little of what you went through going on with me. It's almost like I don't want to share what I have, because they're not any better than what I was producing with my Rebel. I had way too high of expectations with this camera, I suppose. I really expected my indoor photos to be a million times better, but they're not. Maybe I just don't know how to push the camera. I knew exactly what I needed to do with my Rebel to get the shot. Now I feel like I'm clueless. I see El's photos, and they're fantastic. There was such a huge difference between her 7D and Mk III photos. Mine? Not so much.

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Well, you have to remember that El made a smaller jump from the 7D to the Mark III. Going from an older entry-level to the Mark III is a big jump and there are a lot of differences. It's just going to take you a while.

I know when I upgraded from my point-and-shoot to the 60D, I thought that suddenly I would be able to take more indoor pics in low-light too... and I could, but not to the quality I was expecting or hoping for. We do develop pretty high expectations when we're upgrading, I think, and some of them are realistic while others need to be taken down a notch or two (or ten).

And then there's just the learning curve generally. It took me a while with the 60D and I still am not where I'd want to be (i.e. where YOU were with your lower-level Rebel!!) even after having the camera for 10 months. It's just time and practice. The difference between us is that you have ALL of the skills necessary to make it work now, and so once you get used to the camera it will all come together beautifully.

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Ooh Stephanie.... hugs... I agree with Tracy - the 7D is almost the same as the 5DM3 so the jump wasn't as significant as from a rebel to a 5DM3. I wish you live closer and we can get together and do a session Smile

Hope your shoots get you out of that funk. I am sure you will do superb and remember not to be too hard on yourself - this is supposed to be a fun journey Smile

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(((HUGS))) I think you are just in a rut. I think after you get a chance to play with everything and find the camera's sweet spot, you will be rocking them out! Keep your head up! You could always practice on my family! Wink