Checking In! (pic heavy)

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Checking In! (pic heavy)

Thought i would stop in and share a few of my most recent sessions...I'm doing appx. 5-6 clients a month and most are all newborns...having so much fun Smile

thanks for looking!

Thanks for looking Smile

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Such cute expressions! Where did you get that little bench?!

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Oh my, number three is ADORABLE! Thanks for stopping in. I always enjoy your shares!:)

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Hey Sab

# 3 and the last one are my faves! You do such good work Biggrin


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omg that bench is adorable, and the tongue sticking out is really funny Smile

congrats on all your bookings Smile

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I am loving these!!!! that must be so much fun to do a ton of newborns like that. I totally love that bench. and you really have some winners there, parents must be so thrilled!