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Cheese! - JMK Share

So this is what I get when I ask Nathan to look at the camera and say "Cheese!" At least he's smiling behind that firetruck-camera.

IMG_9054 copy web

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oh, that's too cute! Natalie used to do that to me too, I love that you captured it so well.

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haha Evan does that too, always picking up things and saying "cheese" but of course I don't have it captured as well as this

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He is SO cute!!!!! I'm just glad he's too young for my girls to ogle after...cause they do that already. *sigh*

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Haha, too cute! At least he was facing you! ha Today i took my camera out and ava said "I don't wanna say cheese today mommy". Ha, and that was that. Smile

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What a cutie, hiding behind his truck to say cheese.

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