Christmas cards

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Christmas cards

I know it's a bit early, but work has really been rough lately and I needed a diversion, so I started playing around with some Christmas card designs and wanted to see what you guys thought of them.

Here's what I have so far (by playing w/ last year's family photos) ....







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The first one is my favorite!

Maybe I need to start working on this.

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i kinda like the 3rd one, but i also like the B&W pic in the 1st one... i know, i'm no help Smile

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i really like the b/w pic

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They're all great, but I think the last one is my favorite because of the way the photos flow together. And way to be ahead of the game!!

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I have purchased some templates for my customers this year and I noticed that most of them have odd numbers of photos. That said, I really like seeing a pic of just you and your dh too.

I think I like the last one or the second one. I know, we're not helping much huh? Wink

They're all adorable Gigi!

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okay, that's way too early for me. ROFL

I love that first one, very cool! but they're all really nice. Smile

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It's hard to choose! The picture with him looking out the window at the snow in #1 makes it unique, so that's my favorite!

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That is funny! Ive been working on them too, but mine are not nearly as nice as yours! I really like the last one because of the background. It looks so warm and cozy. Its funny that we are all liking different ones!