Christmas gift for the photographer

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Christmas gift for the photographer
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Yeah I sw those awhile ago and thought they're so awesome! Although can you imagine seeing that in a dishwasher rack, you'd have a heart attack LOL! Smile

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man those are cool! I'd so buy one of those too! Lol Imagine opening it in public and drinking out of it. Hmmm lol

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That's so neat! I actually have the photojojo! checked out from the library right now.

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I'm gonna go ahead and purchase two of those for my going to leave it at the coffee station for my clients to enjoy Smile

I'll let you know how they look when they arrive Smile

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Those are awesome! Please let us know how they look in person. My BIL is into photography, maybe I will get him one for his birthday (we only do gifts for kids for Christmas). Oh, I also have a friend who is into photography that took family pics for us this fall. They came out AWESOME, and he actually just burned a few CDs with the RAW imagines on them. He wouldn't take any money or anything, so maybe I will get him one of these. He can't say "No" to a coffee mug!

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These are so fun! I'd really like one too.

Tara, I think that would be a GREAT thank you gift for your photog friend!


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I just clicked on the link before I really read anything and I gasped! :eek: That's too cute! It scared me at first, but then I realized what it was! What an awesome idea for your friend Tara! LOVE it!

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They look so real! It makes me a little nervous Blum 3

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