Christmas pics (pic heavy/cc welcome)

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Christmas pics (pic heavy/cc welcome)

OK here are some of my favorites from Eva's indoor Christmas shoots. Please cc anything you think is off. I've been staring at these for 3 days straight lol

I know there are hand/foot/etc. chops....she was not taking direction well at all and so I just had to go with it. I am still very happy with how it all turned out, considering that at many times during that day, I was pulling my hair out hehe.




4. I know several times I had a focus issue where it focused on her dress even though I specifically focused on her face before shooting :/







There are more at Flickr if anyone wants to see the rest....I also did some outdoor shots that day but I haven't gone through/edited those yet.

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#6 and 7 are my absolute favorites. The first few look a bit soft to me....

Her dress is so pretty!

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nice!! Smile 6 and 7 are my faves as well. Love her smile! And what a pretty dress! Smile

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I like #5

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Oh Amy, she is sooooo pretty! Even though you say she wasn't cooperating, these turned out pretty well!

My favs are 5, 6, & 10.

The first few are a bit soft, which I think you already knew b/c you said your camera was focusing on her dress more. 8 is another fav, but the focus is on her animal in her hand.

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Beautiful pictures your daughter is adorable, my favourite is #6 but #10 is a close second.

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Thanks everyone. BTW the backdrop stand worked really great, I was so happy with it. So easy to use and move around too.