Christmas Pictures

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Christmas Pictures

Here are a few of williams christmas pictures. He's finally getting to the age where is cooperates more..YAY!!

9 by Andie7a, on Flickr

8 by Andie7a, on Flickr

7 by Andie7a, on Flickr

wcmas6 by Andie7a, on Flickr

wcmas5 by Andie7a, on Flickr

wcmas2 by Andie7a, on Flickr

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Wow great stuff! I really like them. They look so crisp and clean and bold.

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Love them! I love his eyes. I'd really like to see #6 in color!

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Nice set!

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nice! Smile I would also like to see #6 in color.

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These are beautiful!

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G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!! These are so great! I love #6! I too would like to see it in color. The only one that doesn't work as well for me is #2- his hand covering his face.

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they are so GREAT! I love how focused he looks when decorating the tree! Your b&w conversions always wow me and this is no exception. William has such amazing eyes and you capture them so well!

It's good to see you (please post more)!


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Great job! They are all just awesome! My favorite is probably the last one!

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Beautiful pictures, awesome work.

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Great work, they are beautiful.